Mayıs 23, 2024

    UK premier announces general election on July 4

    British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Wednesday announced that general election in the UK would…
    Mayıs 20, 2024

    Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, foreign minister officially confirmed dead in helicopter crash: Deputy president

    Tehran on Monday confirmed the deaths of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian,…
    Mayıs 19, 2024

    Search operation underway after helicopter carrying Iranian president crashes

    A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and some other senior officials had a “hard…
    Mayıs 16, 2024

    Cathy Hummels horrified with Nazi slogan

    Conscious provocation or thoughtless post? Cathy Hummels is causing a stir. The reason: She suddenly…
    Mayıs 15, 2024

    Slovakian Prime Minister was attacked with gunfire

    Slovakia Prime Minister's life in danger after assassination attempt
    Mayıs 7, 2024

    Oil prices up amid ongoing negotiations for Gaza cease-fire, Israeli assault

    Oil prices rose on Tuesday amid ongoing cease-fire negotiations in Gaza and the Israeli military’s…
    Mayıs 1, 2024

    Bitcoin dives below $57,000 after 2 months

    Bitcoin on Wednesday dove below the $57,000 level for the first time in more than…
    Nisan 29, 2024

    WHO says current public health risk posed by bird flu ‘low’

    The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday that the overall public health risk posed by…
    Nisan 26, 2024

    Gelsenkirchen: Good news for fans ahead of AC/DC concert

    Gelsenkirchen: Shortly before the AC/DC concert at Schalke, the news goes around – fans are…
    Nisan 26, 2024

    Secret room at the airport: 300 Nazi bombs discovered in Athens

    314 bombs from World War II had to be defused. There were also kindergartens and…
      Mart 29, 2024

      Strike at AUA ended

      The on-board staff of Austrian Airlines ended their 36-hour strike at midday on Good Friday.
      Mart 5, 2024

      Strike at Lufthansa: Thousands of flights are canceled

      Verdi is on strike at German airports for the fifth time. Travelers need strong nerves because Lufthansa will probably cancel…
      Şubat 21, 2024

      Costa Verde: The underrated dream coast of Brazil

      There is one dream beach after another along Brazil's approximately 7,500 kilometer long coastline. A rather underestimated section is the…
      Ekim 5, 2023

      Mallorca is currently 40 percent more expensive than in 2019

      It’s slowly getting cooler in Germany, and many people are longing to extend the summer a little while on vacation.…
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