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China Japan Island dispute : Who will benefit from Japan China conflict
19 Eylül, 2012 | 17:09
Taiwan tourism to get a boost from Japan China Island dispute

Taiwan tourism to get a boost from Japan China Island dispute

As anti-Japan protests in China escalate over islands dispute, with Japanese stores damaged and embassies under siege, after the ‘nationalization’ of the Diaoyutai island north of Taiwan by Japan, international relations analysts say such bane for Japan may actually benefit Taiwan’s tourism.

Insiders claim that many Chinese tour groups have canceled their Japan tours, with many travel agencies in China also suspending handling travel to Japan.

Taiwan will get Chinese tourists as a consequence of the ripple effect. Chinese tourists may be a diverted as well, with such travelers seeing similar itineraries between Japan and Taiwan and specifically distance, flight time and expenditures.

With September and October being the traditional peak season for tourism, hospitality sectors, and department stores in Taiwan, the diverted Chinese tourists may drive revenues for such businesses higher than usual in the fourth quarter.

Taiwan tourism to get a boost from Japan China Island dispute

According to tourism and hospitality sectors, Taiwan-bound Chinese tour group travelers totaled 137,100 in August, soaring 50% year on year (YoY), with first-eight-month Chinese tourists hitting 1.24 million, surging 55% YoY.

Moreover, such figures will likely rise as China’s National Day holiday starting Oct. 1 usually will bring more tourists to Taiwan, with direct-flight cross-strait tickets having almost sold out in August.

Is Taiwan the real owner of Japan China war starting islands?

Some tourism agencies in Taiwan agree that anti-Japan sentiments in China have undermined travels between the two nations, which may fuel Chinese willingness to organize Taiwan tours and travel.


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