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Crimea Crisis:US Former Secretary Of State Clinton drew parallels between Putin and Hitler / Breaking News

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the University of Miami in Florida

The former US Secretary of State has not shrunk in assessing the Crimean crisis before a questionable parallel: Hillary Clinton has compared the Russian president with Adolf Hitler. Applause coming from the Republican Senator McCain.

Hillary Clinton has been first raised to the conflict in Ukraine – and, with its statement for attention: According to a media report, the former U.S. Secretary of State has compared the policy of Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin in the Crimean conflict with the behavior of Adolf Hitler. “If that sounds familiar: It’s what Hitler did back then in the thirties”, should Clinton have said, according to a report in the local newspaper “Long Beach Press-Telegram” on Tuesday during an appearance in California. The office of the Democrat first took no position on the report.

But Clinton got encouragement from political opponents: Senator John McCain, Republican presidential candidate in 2008, Clinton agreed fully with: Via Twitter, he said on Wednesday she was right with this comparison.

However, differentiated Clinton, who is considered a potential presidential candidate for the election in 2016, their comparison quite: She was referring solely to Putin justification to act for the protection of ethnic Russians in Ukraine and said: “Hitler always said that ethnic Germans who German by descent, who were in areas such as Czechoslovakia or Romania are not treated properly. I must protect my people. “She is quoted by the newspaper. Specifically, it should have referred to the current issue of passports to Ukrainians with roots in Russia. Putin is a man of faith, “Restoring the Russian Size” to have Clinton said.

Crimea Crisis:Putin is not “so irrational as the instigator of World War II”

In her speech at a fundraising event for the local Boys and Girls Club they relativized her statement later, however, Harry Saltzgaver , chief editor of the ” Long Beach Press-Telegram ,” she quoted as saying that there was no indication that Putin ” as irrational as the instigator of the Second world War ” was . This was reported by the website ” BuzzFeed ” .

Despite this differentiation : the already tense relationship between Russia and the U.S., the statement of the politician might not be good . Here, Clinton was once for trying to give it a new start in the relationship between the two powers . In March 2009, Obama had his Secretary of State in Moscow media attention press the ” reset button” – but the gift of counterpart Sergei Lavrov contained a small but important error : The word ” Peregruzka ” was engraved on the symbolic red button , the alleged Russian translation for ” reboot ” . ” Peregruzka ” However , as Lavrov at the time , not hot ” reboot “, but ” overload ” .

This new beginning failed, Putin and Clinton came together as early as 2011 . Back then threw Putin as Prime Minister of the U.S. Secretary of State to incite the opposition in Russia against him and protests to stir in his country – during a time when the U.S. and Russia fought for over the handling of the Syrian conflict and the Raktenenabwehr .


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