Southern Africa: Regional block unhappy with China and Vietnam handling of poaching laws


The Governments of southern African has voiced their disappointment in China and Vietnam for not doing enough to stop poaching in the region.

Nairobi / NationalTurk – They registered this protest in a workshop organized by the Southern Africa Wildlife Conservation which was attended by quite a number of countries in the region.

Southern Africa is noted for its vibrant wildlife and natural conservation of animals such as elephants.

Poaching is the illegal taking of wild plants or animals which include local and international wildlife conservation.

Kenya and the Republic of South Africa accused the two countries (China and Vietnam) of being reluctant to enact strict laws to stop their citizens from purchasing elephant tusks and rhino horns from Africa.

Poaching of elephant tusk is common in southern Africa countries where they have a quite significant number of the species.
But Kenya and RSA believes that the two countries are helping in these illegal activities by buying the tusk from individuals.

Kenya Wildlife Service senior assistant director Patrick Omondi disclosed that efforts to engage the Chinese and Vietnamese Government to enact strict laws to prevent the purchase is not successful.

“There are always delays in prosecution. The justice system is too low and there is no consistency in law,” added Hector Magome, the executive managing member of Conservation Services in South Africa. “Some poachers are fined very little in certain regions of the country and others fined highly in other regions.”

The participants also pushed for tougher sanctions against those who are found in engaging in this activity and encouraged more public education in their respective countries.

Issaka Adams/NationalTurk Africa News

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