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Women in Iran: The enigmatic acid attacks of Isfahan / Breaking News

A Trip Through The Heart Of Central Iran 25 Years After Khomeini's Death

The perpetrators lurk at traffic lights and in traffic jams: At least four acid attacks on women drivers has already existed in Iran. Insert self-appointed guardians of public morals behind it?

Three weeks before the attacks started, every time they run the same pattern from. Men on motorcycles traverse to a car that is waiting at a red light, in traffic or at an intersection. It is warm, many people have opened their car window. A woman sits at the wheel, the attackers act quickly: you pour the acid into the driver’s face – and disappear in traffic.

At least four such attacks there have been, according to the local police. Media in Iran have even reported of already 14 cases.
Puzzling is the motive. Perhaps the attacker wanted to punish women who were not complying with Iran’s dress code. Such a political background suggests at least some Iranians as the semi-official news agency ISNA reported.

In Iran there are always protests of arch-conservatives who complain a Sittenverrohung. Please contact a dress code for a stricter Umsetzungder. An Iranian journalist had an online campaign against the veil compulsory started recently.

Women really need to cover their hair in the Islamic Republic and wear loose clothing that hides their body shapes. But just in big cities like Isfahan, one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, many see the looser. There it happens that young women running around in leggings – highly controversial in Iran – and the scarf just wrapped her ponytail.

Women in Iran:”What was their offense? She was a confident young woman”

The 27-year-old Soheila Jurk Esch was the first victim. She stopped just short side of the road in the center of Isfahan – because her mother called on the phone. The young woman had the two men hardly seen on the bike, told her father the agency ISNA.

The consequences of the attack are horrible. Acid met Jurk Esch on the face, neck, hands and legs. With her one eye she will never see again, on the other hand, it has only 20 to 30 percent vision. “What was their offense?” The father asked angrily. “She has not committed a single crime. She was a confident, proud young woman.” Now they have lost their courage.

Many in Isfahan interpret the acid attacks as intimidation of women who do not conform to the ideas of the conservatives. You apparently did not fail to impress. “Every time I hear a motorcycle, I get scared,” said an Iranian news agency ISNA. She wanted to remain anonymous. To talk about such a sensitive subject with journalists, is risky in Iran.

Another Iranian women, who did not want to also publish their names, said: “I always let now the car window up and try to be as rare as possible to go out of the house.” An Iranian student reported the American newspaper “New York Times”, her friends would wear no makeup at once more.

Acid attacks are rare in Iran, unlike Pakistan or India. International made ​​headlines in 2011 a private feud: The Iranian court admitted the mangled victims, the 34-year-old Amene to Bahrami to blind their tormentors with acid.

Women in Iran:The parliamentarians believe in a conspiracy theory

The officials of the country condemn the recent attacks sharply. But a political background they do not want to see it. A spokesman for the judiciary said the attacks had nothing to do with inadequate concealment, without explaining how he comes to this conclusion.

In general, the authorities seek appeasement. The Deputy Interior Minister Morteza Mirbagheri even claimed that there was no connection between the acts. “The acid attacks from Isfahan are no serial crimes.” You have already arrested three or four suspects – no need to panic. The Justice Department, however, denied that there had already been arrested.

A crude explanation for the deeds finally gave Abbas-Ali Mansouri, a member of the Sicherheitskomittees in parliament, according to ISNA. He suspected “foreign and Sionist secret” behind the attacks. Their goal: to harm the reputation of Islam.




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