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Indonesian Luna Maya, Cut Tari and Nazril Ariel Facebook Sex Scandal
09 Haziran, 2010 | 19:41

Indonesia rocked by celebrity sex scandal – Three of Indonesia’s biggest stars, Nazril Ariel lead singer of a popular boy band, Peterpan, TV presenter and former girlfriend of Ariel, Cut Tar and Actor, TV presenter and current girl friend of Ariel, Luna Maya have been embroiled in a sex scandal after three videos were uploaded on Facebook.

These images allegedly of Cut Tarri and have rocked Indonesia

These images allegedly of Cut Tar and Nazril Ariel have rocked Indonesia.

Two of the videos, one allegedly with Ariel, the lead singer of the pop band Peterpan, having sex with current girlfriend Luna Maya and the second allegedly with Ariel and his former girlfriend Cut Tari was uploaded on Facebook.

Nazril Ariel, the lead singer Indonesian band  Peterpan, has sold millions of albums in Indonesia and are well known in Asian countries.

The videos were taken off the popular social network but not before dozens of copies started to emerge in several forum’s, video sharing websites and porn sites in Indonesia.

The video’s have been taken down Facebook and many other websites but it still has not stopped people who have downloaded the videos to re-upload to other websites.

The Indonesian police are investigating the matter and have said in a press conference that they will be bringing the three celebrities in for questioning.

The police spokesman said “We will question them to find out about the clips and how the videos were circulated in public,”

Peterpan star Ariel

Peterpan star Ariel

The three celebrities face a jail term of up to 16 years as it is illegal after the controversial 2008 Anti-Pornography law in Indonesia for sexually explicit material to be filmed or photos taken.

Meanwhile the sex scandal has resulted in adds staring the stars to be taken down in the country with a huge majority of Muslims.

All three of the stars have denied the videos but several experts have said that the people featured in the videos do have a resemblance.

Indonesia is not an Islamic state but has an overwhelming Muslim population of over 88% of the estimated 230 million population.

The country has a democratic government but pre-marital sex is seen as a taboo in the country as it is against the cultural views of much of the country’s population.

Write your comments and thoughts bellow.

Cut Tari

Cut Tari

Luna Maya

Luna Maya

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  1. 179099lin - 13 Haziran 2010

    palese give me the vedio

  2. anthony de paula - 15 Haziran 2010

    Where cna I watch the video?

  3. Farhat Abbas Telaah Keterlibatan Suami Cut Tari di Video Porno | Sekilas INFO - 16 Haziran 2010

    […] Indonesian Luna Maya, Cut Tari and Nazril Ariel Facebook Sex Scandal […]

  4. nita - 17 Haziran 2010

    sex terus aja

  5. martin - 18 Haziran 2010

    luar biasa dan di dalam binasa baik tubuh anda maupun jiwa mu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. martin ass.malaria fatuberliu - 18 Haziran 2010

    why…dah terke ko jadi terkejut aja dan goncan indo celebrity.

  7. koya - 20 Haziran 2010

    the video is superhot!!!

  8. HANA - 20 Haziran 2010

    SEX is good! Continue! i support you all and i love you!!!

  9. ruday - 20 Haziran 2010

    ya selama kita-kita di bagi gak papa ko.T_T

  10. zahara - 22 Haziran 2010


  11. an - 24 Haziran 2010

    both 3 are manusia jahanam, hudud law should prevail, they behave as if they are not muslim? They surely do not fear Allah swh. cut tari as a wife having adultery should be stoned to death, though there is no hudud law in indonesia, the sinners should ask for an islamic punishment since it have been known public and the proofs are very clear, present and unbelievable. Cut tari husband must divorce cut tari, , if not he is legally “dayus” in islamic term. “Dayus” husband will not even smell Paradise. However the Quran states that, good woman is for good man, good man is for good woman, infidel male is for infidel woman, infidel woman is for infidel man, a woman adulterer is for a man adulterer, a man adulterer is for a woman adulterer.(see surah an nur and more), so if cut tari husband is the same type of her husband on their free sex life styles, it is hard to there should be “divorce” or not.

  12. sang - 25 Haziran 2010


  13. ratatat - 26 Haziran 2010

    when are you fools going to learn that all religions are lies. If you want to live in fear go ahead its your choice but don’t force it to others that choose to be free..fear is the best control machanism and that’s why they put him in jail to show you control this method has been used for centuries. Dont be affraid to speak your mind, to be free is your GOD given right right !!! don’t let the wannabe holly men control and ruin your life. you only live once, you are not coming back..there is no 72 virgins waiting for you so get them here on earth while you can :)

  14. Word of advice; Don’t make a sex tape in Indonesia – Blog 12-22 - 26 Haziran 2010

    […] more background on the story from nationalturk HERE Cut Tari Luna […]

  15. Rat - 26 Haziran 2010

    Hebat filem sex nya

  16. amar - 27 Haziran 2010


  17. amar - 27 Haziran 2010

    palese open thisvedio

  18. rYa - 29 Haziran 2010

    as starts and pride of the nation why should you do this such thing?????biologically,it’s normal for everyone,,,,but don’t you forget that it’ll affect other people,specially for young generation!!!!because of passion you acted like an animal,,,,whose has no mind to think poor you’re been celebrities just showing your private on the public’s eyes!!!

  19. luki - 29 Haziran 2010

    now correct me if I’m wrong I don’t think these celebrities intended to have their sex tape distributed worldwide correct? . these people doing their own sex orgy at their own time …privately, then some idiots post it on you tube without their permission. Now why would they be punish for this? people keep saying they ruin moral and destroy young minds and their future….what about all the other porn sites that are accessable to everyone? …I guess that’s why some country meant to be put in the 3rd world category .

  20. jarrraan - 01 Temmuz 2010

    technically they are not at fault. and being passionate is not a crime either and should not be punished. spiritually yes they have sinned. so let them burn in hell. however all i can say is: how could they be so stupid not to take care of their video. specially when the video of them having sex. morons!!! anyway the lesson here is- if you make a sex video hide it well.

  21. jarrraan - 01 Temmuz 2010

    by the way cut tari and luna maya are awesome chicks. ariel is one lucky dude banging those girls.

  22. henri - 03 Temmuz 2010


  23. corazone - 12 Temmuz 2010

    cut tari pinter ngisap ya ….ich jijik mba..kuman kok di pangan …lol

  24. Give them a break! - 15 Temmuz 2010

    Why do people need to upload private videos for public viewing. Don’t they feel sorry for these three stars.If they end up going to jail, we’ll no longer see or be entertained by them. If they end up in jail, you wont see them anymore. Whoever uploaded or saw these videos technically should be guilty as well for proliferating, spreading and promoting these otherwise private intimate videos!

  25. abdulkadir - 20 Temmuz 2010

    either they were punish here or not they will surely be punish in the hereafter. this is highly sympathetic

  26. abdullah - 21 Temmuz 2010

    Ok.. If by doing this, they cant get heaven or smell heaven… let them be burned in hell… why punishing them here on earth.. we r not god?? are we??

    Being married, doing this is definitely wrong, but see who r most affected, her husband, kid, family..

  27. PeterTheGreat - 24 Temmuz 2010

    let ask Ariel, which is the best… Luna or Cut?… hehehehe

  28. Bang - 25 Temmuz 2010

    Don’t blame each other, no one perfect, and no one has no sin every body has.. so who’s not make any sin his the first who throw by the stone..

  29. gerah - 25 Temmuz 2010

    these issue to attract atention, for the coruption institution not to show up in publix.

  30. boz - 25 Temmuz 2010

    we also don’t know either this v. clip is true or not, maybe other person with the same face?

  31. jeffry zain - 26 Temmuz 2010

    All of them must be punished according to muslim law..

  32. indra - 12 Ağustos 2010

    wow the best part ariel is killing mchine love to be like him this is world of sex there nothing dirty for me i will vote for him all the best ariel and the zahara one of the stupid ladies u should try that kind of sexsssss

  33. vizyonfilmizle - 09 Eylül 2010

    SEX is good! Continue! i support you all and i love you!!!

  34. danil - 31 Ocak 2011

    If a human being finds it difficult to control his/her lust, his/her dignity and honor is lower than animals. Ariel, Luna and Maya are adulterer and think that they will live forever. You will be old or die in a few seconds fellows. You don’t live forever in this world

  35. Syakira Cuneeu - 19 Mart 2012

    A snarky gossip blog with the latest celebrity gossip, news, pictures, photos, scandals, and rumors.

  36. mahroji - 15 Ekim 2012

    gmanaya ariel udah bebas luna tidak adarespek thd ariel

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