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False Sex Scandal to CHP leader Deniz Baykal, condemned

Ankara, Turkey – A news article by the Vakit Newspaper with the heading “Deniz Baykal’s sex Video” was posted on the news agencies website yesterday causing a huge scandal.

Turkey main opposition leader Deniz Baykal quits after alleged sex tape

Kemal Kilicdaroglu announces candidacy for CHP with wide support

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu sole candidate of the CHP General Assembly

The Haber Vaktim website which posted the article last night.
The Haber Vaktim website which posted the article titled, "Deniz Baykals sex escape (adventur)".

The video which was posted on the news website for only 30 minutes and then removed has sparked outrage as it is seen by many as a fake video posted, to slander the AKP governments main opposition CHP (Republican People’s Party) leader, Deniz Baykal.

What worsened the situation is that the news article by the News Site also put forward that the lady in the Video which Baykal is allegedly having an affair with is also a fellow Republican People’s Party (CHP) MP, Nesrin Baytok.

The video and article even goes as far as saying the husband of Nesrin Baytok, Can Baytok, approves the affair his wife and Deniz Baykal are having as he is supposedly seen on the video.

The video which starts of with a small presentation writes “Sex Adventures by the CHP (Republican People’s Party),”

“General Chairman, Deniz Baykal,”

The video then wrote a disgusting sentence “Husband Can Baytok, puts Nesrin Baytok in the lap of Baykal so he can make her an MP (or in other words – Can Baytok allowed his wife to have sex with Baykal, so that Baykal can help with her carrier)”

The video which supposedly contains the sex scenes of the married 71-year-old opposition leader, Deniz Baykal and married mother of one Nesrin Baytok has already gone around video sharing websites and News Websites.

However experts who have already assessed the video have said that the man in the video looks much older then Baykal, taller and has a slight shaky figure. Also the man and woman in the video are not seen in the same scene.

A scene from the alleged sex tape which is very low in quality and is also believed to be tampered with.
A scene from the alleged sex tape which is very low in quality and is also believed to be tampered with.

People around Deniz Baykal have reported of the politician saying “I will start a huge law suit on the people who did this.”

Mean while Ankara’s chief public prosecutor’s office has started an investigation on the video which allegedly has scenes of Turkey‘s Republican People’s Party leader having sex with a fellow MP.

It has also been reported that Deniz Baykal’s lawyers have complained to Ankara’s chief public prosecutor’s office for the people responsible for the slander to be caught and for the videos to be banned from the Internet.

The Vakit Newspaper is an agency known to be close to hardline right-wingers, radical Muslim groups and the AKP government.

The video’s in question is also very low in quality with the scenes constantly skipping.

Since this allegation, Deniz Baykal has quit his post as the leader of the Republican People’s Party. The announcement was made by Baykal on Monday 10th, May at the headquarters of the Republican People’s Party.

Baykal has insisted that his resignation, should not “be interpreted as me giving myself up or trying to escape from this conspiracy. To the contrary it will be me rising up to the challenge. “

And continued, “With this perception, I am resigning as leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Leave your comments and thought bellow.

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  1. Why should this be a scandal ?
    Why some religious people are so hypocritical ? Sex is naturally and if it happened (what is probably not a fact) , then what is the problem, especially if the husband agreed. Then nobody should worry about it. Let them enjoy

  2. insaf…
    Sayın baykal film çevirsin,
    faturayı Erdoğana keselim yok öle arkadaşım. Kim çevirdiyse filmi faturayı ödesin…
    Ayrıca Seyma denen sür.ük gelse gelse senin gelmiştir kıç.nı AK partimden Ç..E..K…
    ayrıca ZUHAHAHA 😀

  3. son derece utandirici bir durum
    türkiye cumhuriyeti icin. artik
    erdoganin eceli geldi…bu kadar
    asagilik olamaz. türkiye bunu

  4. so what? the shame is the one who does not respect invidials private life.. I do not care the politicians private life but I do care what they do for the public benefit. I still respect to Deniz Baykal and the lady too…

  5. The decision to resign from a high profile leadership role fits perfect within the perimeters of democarcy. However, the horses who have blinkers on, don’t forget you need to be able to see the whole picture, not what has been brainwashed to you in religious schools by some dopey cleric.

    What is really happening in Turkey?? The fundamental leaders seem to be uncomfortable in their game of chess, and hence, elect to change the rules to their advantage. The table is always round in life, and one day it will turn against those conspirators and bite them up their hairy ass…Hell is open to the AKP.

  6. Orhan, why are you guys giving AKP the fault ? baykal has done it in real, or else he wouldn’t resign from his party , long live our republic without islamic or secularism

  7. There’s no reason why the AKP would make this video. Why would they want to get rid of Deniz Baykal, he is there greatest asset. The CHP has no chance of winning elections with this as leader so AKP would be very happy for him to stay. It’s more likely that this is an internal CHP thing some people in CHP are sick of always losing and Baykal refusing to go despite being leader since 1992 but never winning any election so this is another way to get rid of him. It seems that way because CHP people are the most likely to know about this and to be able to put cameras in his office. Also some CHP people’s reaction has been really strong like they’re totally shocked as if they thought Baykal was this really principled and honest guy which everyone knows he is not. They want him gone.

  8. wat I want to say dat whoever will go against to erdogan will have their punishment he is like the king of TURKEY I dont think dat any other party leaders can beat him while he is alive if anyone can then that means that person is the god himself

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