The legendary rock band U2 in Istanbul

The legendary rock band U2 in Istanbul

The legendary rock band U2 made their first-ever live performance in Istanbul on Monday night as part of their 360deg Tour.

Nearly 50,000 U2 fans enjoyed their songs such as Beautiful Day, Mysterious Ways, Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Walk On.

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  1. I’m an 53 years old turkish fan of U2 for many years…
    I’m so dissappointed about the political comments of Bono in Istanbul… He propobably wasn’t informed well about the today’s political situation in Turkey.He thinks,that today’s government is a real democratic one, in fact it is opposite. Bono didn’t understand , that – the only one in the world- the turkish secularity is under big thread of today’s government. Bono is not aware of, that U2 is shown as a supporter of the government.. This is the reason, why the audiences protested him during the concert.
    What will Bono do?

  2. Hello,
    U2 fantastic Rock band !,
    Energy and Emotion.
    Plus de 160 chef d’oeuvres
    a leur actif ,et plus de
    150 morceaux inédits.
    U2 ,le meilleur groupe
    de rock de tout les temps.



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