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Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370: Ambassador quoted last radio message from machine-lost / Breaking News
12 Mart, 2014 | 13:06

A helicopter takes off from Jinggangshan warship to search the waters suspected to be the site of the missing Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

What happened in the cockpit of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft? A detail should now have come to light – the last radio message, the deposed the pilot. The Malaysian Ambassador now forwarded it to relatives of the passengers in Beijing.

The last radio message from the cockpit of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft is reportedly “Alright , good night ” was. This was announced by the Malaysian ambassador in Beijing with Chinese relatives of the inmates , as the newspaper ” Straits Times ” reported from Singapore . Mapped the quote was therefore the pilot of the machine is said to have spoken the words in the transition from Malaysian in Vietnamese airspace.

Malaysia’s ambassador Iskandar Zarudin had spoken in a hotel the Chinese capital with relatives and friends of the occupants of the aircraft , of which almost two thirds are Chinese. As to the question whether the Malaysian military had tracked the lost flight MH370 on the radar and what information had been passed on to the civil authorities , the diplomat declined to comment . On the part of some member of the family , there was again critical of the Chinese government, whose behavior was perceived by some as too passive .

Meanwhile, the search for the missing plane was moved north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra in the southern Andaman Sea. The helpers were focused on ” a very large area ” off the west coast of Thailand , said the head of the Malaysian Aviation Authority , Azharuddin Abdul Rahman. The sea area is hundreds kilometers northwest of the original search region.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370:Vague and contradictory statements

The Boeing 777-200 with 239 people on board disappeared on Saturday, just before they should reach the Vietnamese airspace. So far was the South China Sea between Malaysia and Vietnam as a possible crash area .

The search is considerably more difficult by the fact that no one knows exactly what course the Boeing flew before her disappearance . Even on weekends , the Malaysian military had announced starting from radar recordings , the machine was last perhaps vice versa. On the question of how far and in what direction they flew after that , however, there are only vague and sometimes highly contradictory statements.

So denied Malaysia’s air force chief Rodzali Daud Press reports that the Boeing was last located on the Strait of Malacca . Daud himself was there , had referred to the various media in its original presentation . Had flight MH370 actually made ​​it to the strait west of Malaysia, the machine would deviate several hundred kilometers from their original course.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370:Many minutes between price change and crash

The Malaysian peninsula in the north in places less than 200 kilometers wide. Such a route specifies a Boeing 777 back in less than a quarter of an hour. Therefore, it is theoretically possible that the machine went down west of Malaysia. Still have located between price change and crash many minutes. Puzzling is why the pilot did not report then and why the on-board computer sparked no problems to the ground control.

It is also questionable how the machine should have remained undiscovered in a possible onward flight for the Malaysian positioning systems – whether about the transponder was switched off on board or failed. The authorities currently include no cause of the crash from possible are technical problems, a pilot error, sabotage or a terrorist attack.

Meanwhile in Australia were loud allegations against the co-pilot of the missing plane. Two female tourists reported reporters, the 27-year-old had fooled around with a previous flight, all the time with them in the cockpit and even smoked there. Both are strictly prohibited.

That the disappearance of the aircraft related to the conduct of the crew, the airline maintains, however unlikely. They had “no reason to believe that,” said a senior company representative.


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