Gangs forcing Indian girls into prostitution: MIC leader

Some local syndicates in Malaysia have been forcing Indian girls into prostitution after luring them to take pictures or videos of themselves in the nude and then blackmailing them, a senior leader of Malaysian Indian Congress has claimed.
MIC Youth secretary C Sivarajah said the party’s youth wing had found that some groups were targeting schoolgirls as young as 16, as well as girls working at factories and supermarkets, promising them love and marriage before duping them into posing naked, New Straits Times said.

The men threatened to upload the nude photos on the internet if the girls did not do what they were asked by the gangsters, Sivarajah said.

Sivarajah said the youth wing had tried to help the victims by approaching and negotiating with the men who took the pictures.

“But by the time the victims came to us for help, it would have been too late and their pictures would already be circulating via MMS, he said.


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