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Turkish PM Erdogan : Norvegian mass-killer Breivik should have been executed
09 Kasım, 2012 | 18:34
Erdogan : I can't believe they did not execute Breivik

Erdogan : I can't believe they did not execute Breivik

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan slammed Norway and Norwegian justice system this time. Norvegian mass-murder Breivik’s prison sentence was not enough!

Ankara / NationalTurk – Erdogan has something to say for Norway massacre as well ! Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan said Andres Breivik the killer of 77 people at Norway massacre who thinks he is a Cristian knight, should have been given the death penalty instead to ensure peace for the victims’ families.

“I asked them [ Norwegian aouthorities], I was curious. How can someone who has killed 77 people be sentenced to 21 years in prison? I was told that he will not be out again, that something would be found at the end of the 21 years to keep him in for another 21 years,” Erdoğan stated during his visit in Indonesia for Bali’s Democracy Forum.

“But how can I be sure of that?” Tayyip Erdoğan asked. “Yes, the death penalty was removed from Europe, but has it left America, Japan and China? Then there is a justified cause for the death penalty to remain.”

“I don’t believe that [the victims’ families] are in peace when someone who murdered 77 people in a worst massacre for ages can just walk around freely,” Erdoğan noted. “We have to re-check ourselves, behhheyyyttt. We have to put ourselves on the scale of justice again, so that humanity could find peace.

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  1. Nah - 07 Haziran 2013

    You want it, you got it… for yourself, Mr. dictator. By the way, Breivik rot in prison bastardo

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