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Syrian President Al-Assad on Erdogan : Tayyip thinks he is a Caliph !

Those were the days! Tayyip and his wife Emina Hatun with Bashar Assad and Lady Asma ..Who is Arab who is not one cannot understand !
Those were the days! Tayyip and his wife Emina Hatun with Bashar Assad and Lady Asma ..Who is Arab who is not one cannot understand !

Bashar al-Assad thinks Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is a caliph, and Tayyip only shows off to Muslim world !

Turkey Syria Conflict / NationaTurk – Syrian President Bashar Al – Assad has spoken with English-language television channel Russia Today at an unknown date in Damascus, Syria. The Syrian leader in distress slammed his former friend Tayyip Erdogan, who turned on him in the ongoing Syrian conflict.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made the claims at an interview on the Russian TV Russia Today on Nov. 9. Russia is the only strong ally left backing up current Syrian regime led by Assad, though with subduing intensity.

Assad : Turkey and Tayyip have imperial ambitions over Syria

Al Assad stated openly that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thinks of himself as a Caliph, and has accused Turkey of looking at Syria with imperial ambitions.

” Tayyip Erdogan thinks that if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over in the Middle East region – and especially in Syria – he can guarantee his own political future. Tayyip also personally thinks he is the new Ottoman sultan and that he can control the Middle East as it was controlled during the Ottoman Empire under a new umbrella,” Bashar al-Assad stressed.

“In his heart he the shameless infidel thinks he is a Caliph. These are the main reasons for him to shift his policy from zero problems to zero friends,” he noted.

The constrained Syrian president also denied the possibility of war breaking out between Turkey and Syria. “The conflict or difference is not between the Turkish people and the Syrian people. It is between the Syrian and Turkish governments and the officials; it is between our officials and their officials because of their politics. So, I do not see any war between Syria and Turkey on the horizon.”

Syrian leader Al-Assad refused claims that shells hitting Turkish towns on Syrian Turkish border were sent by the Syrian government, stating it is impossible to know the origin of these shells as there are many “terrorists” opearting with mortars on the border.

Syria openly states those terrorists were funded and armed by Turkish government led by Tayyip Erdogan.

“The Syrian army does not have any orders to shell Turkish land because we do not have any interest in doing this, and we do not have any enmity with the Turkish people. We consider them brothers, so why would we do it? If it happened by mistake then it surely needs investigation,”  Assad stated.

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