17 killed in blast in fire cracker factory in India

Men preparing firecrackers in India. File Pic
Men preparing firecrackers in India. File Pic

14 women were among 17 people killed in a blast in fire cracker factory in India.

New Delhi, Oct 21/Nationalturk – At least 17 people, including 14 women, were killed in a blast in fire cracker factory in southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Police said a blast took place in the firecracker factory in coastal East Godavari district’s Vakatippa village in southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh yesterday.

“The fire triggered several explosions. The building housing the factory was completely destroyed,” police officials said adding it took firefighters over two hours to douse the flames.

Officials said 11 people, mostly women had died in the fire incident and 10 others had sustained burn injuries. “Six of the injured people succumbed to injuries in the hospital today”.

“With the death of six more persons, the death toll has risen to 17. Among the dead are 14 women,” they said.

Victims were working in factory

Officials said all the victims were workers in the factory, which was manufacturing firecrackers for the coming Hindu festival Diwali also called festival of lights. Hindus burn crackers and distribute sweets to celebrate the festival.

“We were working in the factory when blast took place. We were thrown a huge distance,” said a man who sustained minor injuries.

The government has ordered an investigation into whether fire safety precautions had been ignored by the factory’s owner or not.

Officials said that as per preliminary reports, the explosion was a result of a chemical reaction during the cracker manufacturing process. “There were also reports that a burning cigarette led to the fire”.

“We are ascertaining the cause of the fire,” they said adding if the manufacturing unit was found to be functioning illegally, strict action will be taken against its owner.

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