9 attractions to close in 2023

Conversion, bankruptcy or renovation measures: Unfortunately, even popular sights sometimes have to close for various reasons.

Even popular tourist attractions are not spared from necessary renovations, conversion work or operational closures. For anticipatory tourists, it can be frustrating when major attractions or museums aren’t open during their trip. “CNN” has therefore summarized which attractions will remain closed worldwide in 2023. Sights and museums in London, Tokyo and New York are affected.

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Singapore Bird Park will close in January 2023 after 51 years. The good news: The park will not disappear entirely, but will become part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. In the future, visitors will be able to admire a wide variety of bird species there.

Dublin Writers’ Museum, Ireland

With the start of the Corona pandemic, the Dublin Writers Museum was closed. The museum announced that it will not reopen after two years of closure. The reason: It no longer meets the requirements of a modern museum.

Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, Canada

From January 15th until probably the end of 2023, the museum, which houses a large collection of art and cultural treasures from all over the world, will be closed to visitors. The reason for this is renovation work to make the museum building safer from earthquakes and other building improvements, such as lighting technology or fire alarms, as the museum writes.

Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong

Unlike other closed sights, the floating restaurant is neither Corona nor a move behind it. After half a century of operation and financial difficulties as a result of the corona pandemic, the ship is now at the bottom of the sea. In June it was to be moved to another berth for cost reasons and sank in the South China Sea during the crossing. Nobody got hurt. For Hong Kong, however, it means the loss of one of its landmarks. Even Queen Elizabeth II had been a guest there.

9/11 Tribute Museum, New York City, USA

The museum, which was once initiated by survivors and relatives of the victims of the attack on the World Trade Center, had to close in the summer of 2022 due to financial difficulties caused by the corona pandemic. The exhibits are now part of the collection of the New York State Museum in Albany. Visitors to New York City can still remember the victims and learn more about the tragic history of the attack at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Train Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Train Street in Hanoi has long been a popular tourist spot. After access had been banned three years ago for security reasons, cafés and stands on the train route, which runs between narrow blocks of houses, reopened as part of the corona easing – and attracted visitors from all over the world. At first, the city let the tourists do their thing. But the onlookers were increasingly a problem because they often became a security problem. Warning signs and barriers are now intended to keep visitors away from the popular street.

Museum of London, England

The London Wall site of the Museum of History and Culture in the English capital will close in December 2022. However, the closure will only be temporary. The plan is to move the museum to West Smithfield’s General Market. However, the reopening is not scheduled to take place until 2026.

TeamLab Borderless and Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo, Japan

The TeamLab Borderless Museum and the Edo-Tokyo Museum are popular among tourists. But both will not be accessible to visitors for the time being. While the TeamLab Borderless Museum is moving to another building, the Edo-Toyko Museum is undergoing renovations and is therefore not expected to reopen until late 2025-early 2026.

Rubens House, Antwerp, Belgium

The museum, which used to be the home of artist Peter Paul Rubens and his family, announced that it will be closed from January 9, 2023. It will not be accessible to visitors again until 2027 after renovation work. A new building in Hopland will open in 2024.

Celeste River (Rio Celeste): Costa Rica’s Himmelblauer River


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