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Activists refrain sending ‘Interview’ to North Korea

A defector-turned-activist threatened Tuesday to fly copies of Hollywood movie “The Interview” into North Korea this March, unless Pyongyang accepts South Korea’s recent offer of talks.

Park Sang-hak’s “Fighters for a Free North Korea’ launched balloons carrying 100,000 anti-North leaflets across the heavily-guarded inter-Korean border from the South on Monday night, but excluded “The Interview” – a movie condemned by Pyongyang for its portrayal of the attempted assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

“The DVDS of ‘The Interview’ were not included on purpose,” Park told South Korean news agency Yonhap.

He vowed to not show such restraint this spring if North Korea fails to come forward for dialogue with Seoul and cooperate with South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s call last week to hold inter-Korean family reunions around next month’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

Pyongyang has repeatedly demanded that Seoul put a stop to activists’ efforts to infiltrate the reclusive country using information about the outside world.

While the South Korean government has advised Park Sang-hak and his supporters to consider the safety of border residents – especially after North Korea shot down a balloon last October – Seoul has also maintained that it will not interfere with their freedom of expression.

Park himself appears to have heeded that advice for now after meeting with a government official last week.

But unless Seoul officially forbids his group from sending copies of “The Interview,” or Pyongyang caves in to his demands, it appears likely that Park will escalate his border campaign.

Seasonal weather conditions make further balloon launches challenging before March, but Park insisted that his group should not give the impression of being “petrified” by Pyongyang.

Hollywood movie “The Interview” was released on Christmas Day despite last year’s cyber attack on the studio behind the project.

The United States has accused Pyongyang of being behind the hacking of Sony Pictures regardless of the North’s denials.

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