Another secret document find at Joe Biden

The pressure on US President Biden after the discovery of secret documents in a former private office is growing.

US media reports that further government documents were discovered during a search of a second location.

Advisors to US President Joe Biden have discovered at least one other batch of confidential documents, according to media reports. After secret documents from Biden’s time as Vice President were found in his former office in November, his advisors also checked other locations, reported first NBC News and later also CNN.

NBC reported that it is still unknown what level of secrecy they have, where exactly they were found and how many documents there are for the newly surfaced documents. It is also still unclear whether the checks have been completed with this. The White House and the Justice Department declined to comment on the second find.

Biden is surprised

Two days ago, the president’s special counsel, Richard Sauber, announced that about ten confidential documents from Biden’s time as vice president had been found in his former office at the Penn Biden Center think tank. Biden’s lawyers immediately handed them over to the National Archives.

Biden was surprised in response to the discovery that was made public on Monday. He does not know who brought the documents there or what they contained. At the same time, the Democrat promised “full cooperation” with the investigations.

Politically extremely explosive finds

The situation is politically extremely sensitive for Biden. Because with a similar case, his predecessor Donald Trump caused a scandal in the summer. Biden then sharply criticized Trump.

The fact that further documents have now apparently been found strengthens the Republicans in their attacks against Biden. Trump shared reports on the new find on the Truth Social network he co-founded.

Republican leader Elise Stefanik tweeted on Wednesday, “We will demand answers, stop politicizing the corrupt FBI and Justice Department, and hold the Biden crime family accountable.”

Found food for Republicans

In the House of Representatives, the Republicans, with their regained majority, want to push Biden along with investigations anyway. You now have the power to subpoena people or request documents. “The FBI searched the home of former President Trump (…) There is a special investigator investigating. We now have two different locations where Joe Biden had classified documents, but nothing happened,” said the Republican chairman the key Committee on Oversight and Reform, James Comer, on Wednesday evening (local time) on ABC. There is a double standard in dealing with Biden and Trump.

Secret documents found in Joe Biden office


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