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Arab states cannot stop Israel from attacking Gaza: OIC

Palestinian boys mourn death of minor in Israeli attack. File Pic
Palestinian boys mourn death of minor in Israeli attack. File Pic

After doing nothing to end Gaza bloodshed, OIC  Secretary General has said Arab states cannot stop Israel from attacking Gaza.

Islamabad, Aug 5/Nationalturk – The Secretary General of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), a bloc of Muslim countries criticised for doing nothing to stop killings of Palestinians,  has said Arab states cannot stop Israel from attacking Gaza.

“Arab states cannot take any practical steps to stop Israel from attacking Gaza,” OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani said while speaking at an event titled ‘Contemporary Challengers of the Muslim World: The Vision and Role of the OIC’ at the Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad (Pakistan capital).

Madani, who was appointed as OIC Secretary General in January this year, is on a three-day visit to Pakistan. He arrival on August 4 and will be leaving on Wednesday (August 6).

Referring to Arab-Israel conflict, OIC Secretary general said, “In 1967, the Arabs faced a defeat as Israeli forces entered the Sinai Desert, West Bank of the Jordan River and the Golan Heights. Arabs cannot imagine stopping the support for Palestinians, but practically they are not in a position to do anything”.

He said OIC has been trying its best to classify the killing of Palestinians as a ‘war crime’, but the preachers of human rights are not only supporting Israel but providing political shield to it.

Over 1990 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli troops offence since July 8. Israeli has lost 64 soldiers and three civilians in Hamas gunfire, mortar and rocket attacks.

Instead of defusing tension, OIC leader in Pakistan

Surprisingly, OIC Secretary General, who should have been playing a key role in defusing Israel-Gaza tension and stopping bloodshed of Palestinians in Gaza, preferred to visit Pakistan.

The Gulf states – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Jordan and Muslim groups including Arab League and OIC have been facing strong condemnation from Muslims across the globe for doing nothing during over three weeks to stop Israeli aggression in Gaza and bring the bloodshed to end.

The Muslims have criticised Saudi king for expressing concern on Gaza situation after three weeks of Israeli bombardment and killing of over 1700 people, mostly civilians.

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