Britain in shock ! Taliban attack British Council in Afghanistan

Afghanistan War : Attacks in Kabul on British Targets
Afghanistan War : Attacks in Kabul on British Targets

The Taliban sent at least two bombers and attacked British Council and an Un compound in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing at least three people, official sources inform.

Taliban strike again! Taliban attacked the British Council in the Afghan capital Friday, killing at least three, including two members of Afghan police force.

Five people were also injured in the double attack inside the heavy-guarded Kabul neighborhood, a strike that coincides with the 92nd anniversary of Afghan independence from Great Britain.

Afghanistan War : Attacks in Kabul on British Targets

UK Embassy confirms that the British Council office and guest house in Kabul in afghanistan has been attacked. Also a third blast heard at scene.

In the initial attack the first militant drove a vehicle packed with explosives toward the Council’s main security gate before detonating the device, according to Afghan police spokesman Hashamap Stanikzai.

The second man then attempted to enter the compound wearing a vest filled with explosives. He also detonated himself, completing the suicide attack, spokesman Stanikzai said.

Kabul, Afghanistan : Smokes rise again

Gunfire could be heard throughout the incident, and military helicopter circled overhead, stated Muhammad Zahir, a police spokesman. Explosions and heavy automatic gunfire were heard even hours after at least two suicide bombers attacked the British Council in Kabul Friday. White smoke billowed from a building in the compound for a time. It was not immediately clear what prompted the outburst.

British and Afghan security forces cordoned off the area immediately in the center of Kabul.

Taliban responsible of attack in Kabul, Afghanistan

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, the group’s spokesman informed news agencies across the world.

The attack occurred not far from the Intercontinental Hotel, the scene of another insurgent suicede attack in June this year against a high-profile western target.


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