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Malaysia Airlines Overhaul

Flight MH370 disappeared, MH17 was shot down: In a short time, hundreds of people died on flights operated by Malaysia Airlines. The airline has yet advertised with the question of where you want to go yet before the death absolutely.

Malaysia Airlines has withdrawn the name of a PROmotion. It was called “My Ultimate Bucket List”, loosely translated as: “The ultimate list of things I want to do before I die”. It was to ask passengers to the places they necessarily still want to travel – preferably in a machine of Malaysia Airlines, of course. For the most original answers there should be prices, such as free flights from Australia or New Zealand to Malaysia.

“Kicking the Bucket” is a more casual term for die. “Bucket List” is also a common term, there is even a movie of that name starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In German it is called “The Bucket List”.
The fact that an airline that has lost two machines with hundreds of people on board in a short time, selects this item, felt by many as disrespectful.

On March 8, the flight MH370 disappeared on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. On board were 239 people, of the machine there is no trace. In July MH17 flight was shot down over eastern Ukraine, all 298 people on board died. The wife of a MH370-passenger said the PR campaign is cruel and show the insensitive handling of the airline with relatives of victims.

Shortly after the announcement of the campaign, there was strong criticism. Now, the airline announced currently be the name inappropriate. We appreciate and respect the feelings of the public and have in no way intended to offend anyone. The contest will now run until the end of the year – without new title. The focus “is on the prices,” it said of the airline.

Before the two disasters, the airline had a good safety record and reputation, quality service to offer. In particular, the handling of the crash of MH370 the image of the airline, however, has severely damaged. The economic situation is difficult. Last week announced the state fund Khazanah as the main shareholder, to dismiss 6000 employees.

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