Chancellor Olaf Scholz vacations here

Even Angela Merkel liked to relax in South Tyrol for a few days in the summer.

Olaf Scholz also seems to have a fondness for the mountains.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is taking his first summer vacation since taking office to the Allgäu. Scholz will be there “for a few days to relax,” said Deputy Government Spokesman Wolfgang Büchner on Friday in Berlin. He pointed out that “especially in view of these times, the Federal Chancellor is always on duty and can always be reached”.

Büchner did not want to reveal any details about Scholz’ vacation. The official appointment calendar of the chancellor does not list any more appointments next week from Tuesday.

Unlike his predecessor Angela Merkel (CDU), the chancellor remains domestic in his choice of holiday destination. Merkel usually spent her summer vacation in South Tyrol. A few days ago, the “Bild” newspaper quoted Scholz’s wife, the Brandenburg Minister of Education Britta Ernst (SPD), as saying: “We’re going on vacation in the Allgäu for two weeks”. The current chancellor couple had already been there on a hiking tour last summer, the newspaper reported.

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