Chinese researchers clone ‘super cows’

China is still heavily dependent on exports from abroad for cows. But researchers now want to have found a solution to make the country more independent.

Chinese researchers have apparently succeeded in cloning cows that can produce a particularly large amount of milk. This is reported by the US news channel CNN, citing reports from Chinese state media.

Accordingly, the scientists at Northwest A&F University in Xianyang have already cloned three calves that can produce up to 18 tons of milk per year. According to the German Ministry of Agriculture, a cow produced an average of 8.5 tons of milk in 2021.

The animals are said to be Holstein cattle. The first calf was born on December 30, according to the reports. So far, China has imported 70 percent of its cows from abroad.

The project’s senior researcher, Jin Yaping, told state media that it was a breakthrough that would enable China to become more independent from other countries in the future. They plan to “build up a herd of more than 1,000 super cows in two to three years,” said the scientist.

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