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France Racist Utterance: Former Front National politician Leclère goes to prison / Breaking News

Anne-Sophie Leclere

Anne-Sophie Leclère compared the French Minister of Justice with a monkey – and has for nine months in prison. The former party of the politician, the Front National has to pay for the racial slur.

For their racist comparison, a former politician of the right-wing populist Front National has been sentenced to nine months in prison. She was a native of French Guiana Justice Minister Christiane Taubira compared with a monkey.

In addition to Anne-Sophie Leclère pay 50,000 euro fine and five years is not allowed to compete in elections. This was decided by a court in Overseas Territory French Guiana on Tuesday.
The Front National (FN) must, according to the judgment to pay 30,000 euros, reported the French news agency AFP. The party had ruled the local politician last December, was hailed as an accomplice.

Leclère who wanted to compete in the local elections in March in a community in the northeast of France, the FN had posted on her Facebook page a photo montage with Taubira. You could see the image of a little monkey and the image of the socialist Minister of Justice – with the captions “18 months ago” and “now”. Leclère denied that photomontage was racially meant and assured, there had been at “humor”.

France Racist Utterance:Leclère: “Completely disproportionate verdict”

The incident caused outrage in France and also brought the FN in distress that strives under their party leader Marine Le Pen, strip off its long-standing image of a party of racists and neo-Nazis. Leclère was thrown out of the party because of photomontage in December; their candidacy for the FN in the local elections had already been picked up before. On Wednesday Leclère expressed “very shocked” about their conviction that they are “totally disproportionate” known as.

Justice Minister Taubira has been frequently insulted racially – and criticized the increasing indifference to xenophobic failures. President François Hollande had called then to “the greatest hardness and the utmost vigilance” against racism.

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