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Listening post in Cuba: Russia plans new eavesdropping attack on the U.S. / Breaking News

Russian President Vladimir Putin in Cuba

Moscow reactivated an old listening post in Cuba – just 160 kilometers off the coast of the United States. On Putin’s Latin America trip, the Brics countries and Argentina make demonstratively on the side of the Kremlin.

Russia plans seem to take an old Soviet listening post in Cuba again. The talk is of the monitoring station Lourdes, it is just 160 km away from the American coast.

An agreement on the start-up had been “finalized” during the visit of President Vladimir Putin in Havana last Friday, reports the respected Moscow daily “Kommersant”.

The Russian Defense Ministry and the General Staff did not want to comment on the message of the newspaper over. The “Kommersant” but cites several unnamed employees from government or security sources that confirm the decision. “I can say only one thing: finally,” the newspaper quoted an official.

Putin wants to show that he is not isolated

The agreement with Havana is a targeted pinprick against Washington. During the Cold War, Moscow’s military intelligence used the base in Lourdes, to listen to telephone calls and radio traffic in the United States. In 2002 the base was closed on the orders of Putin. This was partly due to the cost, on the other hand, Putin wanted to demonstrate at the time that the Kremlin enjoyed the relations with the United States priority.

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