German Tourists Discover Ancient in India

German tourists with aid of locals in indian district of Bageshwar discovered an ancient cave while their voyage.

The cave platform sculptures of lord Shiva and Parvati with a 120m long waterfall and 50m rounded pond.

Nityanand Pandey, a local said, “Few German tourists while trip to Bageshwar determined this cave. They entered with their camera and light and recognised a waterfall and pond. We also figured Lord Shiva and Parvati diagrams in various shapes and sizes.”

The spectacular art and decoration of the cave is tourists who are coming in hordes to witness the cave.

Locals believed that if cave is customized with latest trends then it could be a boon for their economy.

Sohan Pant, another local said, “German tourist came here and they recognised this cave. This cave is very eye-catching. The art within the cave is much stunning and if modified than it can attract tourists a lot.”

Reportedly, tourists across from the states are coming to Bageshwar to have a glimpse of ancient cave.

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