Government Crisis in Britain: Rishi Sunak is applying to succeed Truss

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak wants to be the next British Prime Minister - he has officially announced his candidacy.

Earlier, Minister Mordaunt, responsible for parliamentary affairs, had also announced her candidacy. / Rishi Sunak is applying to succeed Truss

Ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is running for Prime Minister again. “Britain is a great country but we are in a serious economic crisis so I want to lead the Conservative Party and be the next Prime Minister,” he wrote on Twitter.

The 42-year-old is considered the favorite in the race to succeed outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss and already has significantly more than the necessary 100 supporters in the group together. At the beginning of September, Sunak was defeated in the race to succeed Johnson to Truss, who resigned from office on Thursday after a good six turbulent weeks.

Rishi Sunak had warned of economic chaos

Sunak is now credited by many for repeatedly warning during the election campaign against the very chaos Truss unleashed on the financial markets with her economic policy proposals. Truss’ former finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, had campaigned for debt-financed tax cuts.

Meeting between Johnson and Sunak without agreement

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will not run for office again. “You can’t govern effectively if you don’t have a unified party in Parliament,” Johnson said. Unfortunately, no agreement was reached with Rishi Sunak or Penny Mordaunt.

Minister Mordaunt, who is responsible for parliamentary questions, officially announced her candidacy last Friday.

Nominations can be received until Monday afternoon. By next Friday at the latest, it should be clear who will head the government in the future.

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Rishi Sunak favorite after Johnson’s absence

Boris Johnson - Rishi Sunak
Boris Johnson – Rishi Sunak

Who will succeed Liz Truss? Boris Johnson gave up his candidacy for Tory leader and prime minister last night. That’s why it could be quick today. So far, only ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has secured the necessary support for his candidacy.

They are looking for the fifth conservative prime minister in just six years. David Cameron resigned in 2016. Cameron no longer wanted to be captain on the bridge after the Brexit referendum. Theresa May fell three years later over the Brexit negotiations. After that came Boris Johnson, who eventually fell over himself. He left saying that nobody was indispensable in politics and handed over to Liz Truss, who discredited the country at breakneck speed and after just 44 days had to admit that she could not fulfill her mandate.

Johnson renounced

So now, after only a few weeks, the question arises again as to who should lead the country. One thing is now clear: it will not be Boris Johnson.

Johnson announced on Sunday evening that he would not run – although he allegedly had the necessary support from 100 MPs. In his reasoning it said that it was not possible to govern effectively if the party was not united in parliament. Johnson may have also reacted to the sharp headwind.

Interestingly, Johnson also said in that statement that he believes he is well positioned to help the Conservatives win the 2024 election. Not excluded that this is already the next indirect announcement of his return.

Warnings against Johnson’s candidacy

Among other things, his critics had warned of a “guaranteed disaster” with Johnson. Former party leader William Hague had even said that the party would be caught in a death spiral with Johnson. Even Johnson’s former deputy Dominic Raab supports ex-Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, although Raab says he has great respect for Johnson and likes him personally. “We can’t go backwards,” emphasizes Raab, “no groundhog day in this soap opera Partygate. We have to move the country and the party forward.”

Raab is referring to the parliamentary committee investigating whether Johnson lied about the Partygate affair. The committee plans to begin public hearings shortly. It’s quite possible that Partygate will soon be in the news every day again. Johnson will then once again carry out acute crisis management – but not for the country, but for himself.

Rishi Sunak could become prime minister today

Anyone who wants to succeed Liz Truss in office has the opportunity until 3 p.m. German time to collect votes in the parliamentary group. Only those who can prove that they have at least 100 supporters may officially run for office.

Ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who lost to Truss just a few weeks ago, now has the best prospects of moving into 10 Downing Street. Sunak has already secured the support of around 150 MPs. Also in the running is the faction leader Penny Mordaunt. If she also gets at least 100 votes, the party base decides. If only Sunak reaches the critical mark, he will be promoted to Premier later today.


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