Holiday in Antalya: Everything you need to know

Do you have travel fever and are you planning a trip to the Turkish province of Antalya? We give you the ultimate overview of travel time, booking and local sights – for a relaxed holiday in Turkey.

Are you planning a holiday in the Turkish province of Antalya, but don’t really know what to look out for? You are not alone in this. The rice reporter gives you the ultimate overview of everything you need to know about your trip to the popular holiday destination in Turkey.

What to consider when booking

If you are planning a trip to the Turkish province of Antalya, you will quickly stumble across the many all-inclusive offers for the popular holiday destination. But the question is: is an all-inclusive vacation to Turkey even the right way to travel for you?

If you’re looking for relaxation above all else, want the security of a package holiday, and are willing to stick to set meal times, then the answer is probably yes. You can also calculate the costs much better here, since you know exactly in advance what accommodation and food will cost you.

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But if you are looking for adventure and are likely to be out and about a lot during the day, you should probably not book all-inclusive. Because then your place at the buffet will remain empty because you want to try out the diverse culinary offerings in the area – and you end up paying twice. Then we advise you to take an individual trip to Antalya.

By the way: You do not need a visa to enter the country, it is sufficient if you have a valid passport or identity card with you. But you should always have it with you on site in case of a police check.

This is the best travel time for your Antalya vacation

If you are planning a beach holiday in the Turkish province of Antalya, it is best to travel to Turkey in the summer between June and September. Then the daytime temperature on the Turkish Riviera is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. And that in the oriental tropical climate.

However, since the summer months are the main travel season throughout Europe, it gets a bit crowded in one or the other place. On the other hand, if you want to explore the coast of Antalya in peace and don’t necessarily need to jump into the sea to experience a nice holiday, you can also travel to the holiday resort in spring. From April, the resorts, restaurants and souvenir shops are slowly opening.

Arrival: This is the best way to get to Antalya

If you book a package tour, the journey by plane is usually already included in the price. The flight connection between Germany and Turkey is therefore very busy, especially in summer, many airlines fly from several German airports to the Orient and back. From Frankfurt am Main to Antalya, for example, you need a little over three hours by plane.

Alternatively, you can travel to Turkey by car. From Berlin it is a proud 2886 kilometers to Antalya. The pure journey is then almost 31 hours and the journey takes you through the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece.

The most beautiful beaches in Antalya

A successful beach holiday also includes a picturesque, beautiful sandy beach from which you have a great view of the sea and can relax and bask in the sun. In Antalya you will find numerous of these great sand strips. We show you our ten favorites in an overview. A little preview:

Lara Beach

The Lara Beach in the northeast of the city center of Antalya is almost the direct contrast to the Olympos Beach. Because this is where all those who want to be pampered cavort. The golden, fine sandy beach, from which you can jump into the turquoise water, offers the perfect starting position.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach in Antalya is one of the most famous beaches in Turkey when it comes to family holidays. And the name of the beach is no coincidence: According to legend, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is said to have bathed on the beach at that time.

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is the second main beach in Antalya next to Lara Beach. And while you can admire the Düden Waterfalls from Lara Beach, you can see three things from your sun lounger on the seven-kilometer Konyaalti Beach: the sea, the Beydağları Mountains and the old town of Antalya.

The most beautiful sights in Antalya

But not only the many beautiful beaches attract numerous tourists to the Turkish province on the Mediterranean coast every year. Antalya also has a lot to offer for those interested in culture. You can find the most popular sights in our overview. These are our three favourites:

Old town Kaleici

Antalya’s old town Kaleici is simply part of a holiday in the popular tourist area. The historic district is located directly in front of the city’s harbor, which is also worth seeing and is surrounded by the old city walls. While you stroll through the narrow streets and let yourself be enchanted by the delicious food and the many small shops, you can also admire some remains of the Romans there.

Düden waterfall

There is a true natural spectacle just outside the city of Antalya: the Düden waterfall. It falls from the river of the same name from a height of 40 meters into the open sea and is therefore a unique sight. You have the best view of the waterfall from Lara Beach.

Karaaolioglu Park

Antalya City Park deserves a place at the top of your bucket list. The nature park is located in the south at the gates of the old town Kaleici and offers you a fantastic view of the open sea. You can also see other Antalya attractions from there, including the City Hall, the Municipal Theater and the Hidirlik Tower.

The coolest destinations for a day trip from Antalya

Turkey offers a diverse selection of excursion destinations. From ruins to natural wonders to cultural highlights, everything is there. In our overview you will find seven tips for day trips from Antalya. And these are our three favorites from the list:


Pamukkale is a city in western Turkey best known for its limestone terraces and crystal clear thermal waters. Translated, the name of the city means “cotton castle”. And with good reason: the white and light gray limescale deposits are really reminiscent of cotton wool and look like a waterfall.

Green Canyon

High cliffs, turquoise water and lush, green forests: The Green Canyon is a popular destination for boat tours from Antalya or Side. This is not the only way to explore the reservoir in the Taurus Mountains, but it may be the most beautiful. Because from the water you can admire the high, overgrown mountains from a different perspective.


Actually, Kekova is an island on the Lycian coast of Turkey. The small island in the province of Antalya is known for something else: the city of Simena, which has sunk into the sea. The 2400-year-old city is said to have collapsed after an earthquake and today attracts numerous tourists.

Our insider tips for your Antalya vacation

If you want to experience the Turkish Riviera off the beaten track, you need insider tips. Because all the well-known beaches and sights of the province have now been developed for tourism. However, the travel reporter has also been looking for places that are not yet overcrowded – and has struck gold.

In our overview you will find some insider tips for your Antalya vacation. We would like to give you the first three here:


The Mevlevli Dervish order is one of the most famous Sufi brotherhoods. Sufi is a spiritual orientation of Islam. And in the middle of Kaleici, the historic old town of Antalya, you will find one of their monasteries. There you can watch the dervishes, as the followers of the order call themselves, dancing.

Tahtali panorama

In the middle of Olympos National Park you will also find another insider tip: the cable car that takes you to the top of Tahtali Dagi. From there you have a unique view over the Turkish Riviera. The 2365 meter high mountain was then called Olympos because people assumed that the gods lived on it.

Kursunlu Waterfall

The water rushes down a full twelve meters and bounces onto a turquoise-blue lake amidst green shrubs and trees, where it sets gentle waves in motion: the Kursunlu Waterfall is a real feast for the eyes.

And yet the natural hotspot around 40 kilometers north-east of Antalya’s city center is still a real insider tip. Because most tourists who have a waterfall on their Turkey bucket list opt for the more famous Düden waterfalls or visit the Manavgat waterfall north of Side.

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