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India says Pakistani troops crossed the ceasefire line Tuesday and attacked the Indian soldiers patrolling in the Mendhar region.

Two Indian soldiers were reported slain today and another injured in what Indian officials are calling an “ambush” by Pakistani soldiers on the road to Jammu, the latest in a line of incidents along the Kashmiri border.

Indian officials termed it a “ghastly” attack and claimed one of the bodies had been mutilated. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement promising to “attack” Pakistan in retaliation and that the strike would be “proportional.”

India summoned Pakistan’s envoy in New Delhi Wednesday to complain formally about an attack on an Indian army patrol in the disputed region of Kashmir that killed two soldiers. Islamabad has been asked to “immediately investigate these actions,” India’s Ministry of External Affairs said.

The two nations have fought multiple wars along the “line of control” between Indian and Pakistani Kashmir over the years, and tensions have been rising since a clash over the weekend which killed a Pakistani soldier.

At the time, Pakistan claimed Indian troops had crossed the border and attacked a checkpoint, while the Indian government insisted Pakistan launched an “unprovoked attack.” Today, Pakistan is likewise denying Indian allegations of a raid, saying India is trying to “sabotage” the peace process.

A Pakistani military official said that India’s allegations had been investigated and “found to be fake.” India said one of the soldiers was beheaded in a “barbaric” attack.

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