India test-fires indigenously developed N-capable cruise missile

India test fires missile: File pic
India test fires missile: File pic

India on Friday test fired indigenously developed nuclear capable cruise missile.

New Delhi, Oct 17/Nationalturk – A day after successfully launching third navigational satellite, India on Friday test fired indigenously developed nuclear capable “Nirbhay” cruise missile.

Indian scientists today test-fired the indigenously developed sub-sonic long-range cruise missile named ‘Nirbhay’ (meaning fearless) from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur, Odisha in Southern India, which was  on Sunday hit by cyclone Hudhud.

The missile took off at 1004 hours  and after reaching a height of 800 metres, took a sharp turn towards the Bay of Bengal.

Today’s test firing was the second developmental trial of the nuclear-capable missile.

First test of missile was terminated in 2013

Earlier, on March 12 last year, the missile was test-fired for the first time but the  flight had to be terminated mid-way, as scientists observed deviations from its intended course.

According to media reports, ‘Nirbhay’ having long-range capability is  developed by India’s Aeronautical development Establishment (ADE), a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) associated lab in Bangalore.

The missile can carry conventional as well as nuclear warheads and hit targets between 700 to 100 kilometres away and is capable of flying at tree-top level which protects it from being detected by radars.

It has the capability to manoeuvre around its target to strike with precision.

According to experts,  Nirbhay is a sub-sonic cruise missile and gives India the capacity to launch different kinds of payloads at different ranges from various platforms at a very low cost. The missile has a fire-and-forget system that cannot be jammed.

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