Indian gang-rape victim brave but still critical: Doctors

Protest against rape of woman in India. File Pic
Protest against rape of woman in India. File Pic

The doctors have said 23-year-old female student, who was gang raped in a moving bus by six persons on Sunday in Indian capital, is brave and fighting it out but termed her condition as critical.

New Delhi/Dec 20/Nationalturk – The doctors attending on 23-year-old female student, who was gang raped in a moving bus in New Delhi (Indian capital) and is undergoing treatment in Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital, said she was a very brave girl but said her condition is still critical.

“She is a very brave girl and fighting it out. She is withstanding all treatment since the day of assault,” said Dr Mishra of AIIMS Trauma Centre.

He is working on the trauma management plan for the victim with doctors of Safdarjung hospital – where the gang rape victim is undergoing treatment.

The doctors attending on her said her kidneys, lungs, heart are doing well. “There are no muscular or lower limb injuries. Our main concern is that the victim should come out of the trauma”.

“The victim was conscious and alert, and was communicating through gestures. She had on Wednesday given a written statement to police explaining what happened to her and her friend on the fateful night,” they said.

However, the doctors said her condition is still very critical. “Although all the vital parameters of the victim were within acceptable limits but infection is one of the expected complications as the injuries are gangrenous and very infectious in nature. Victim has always been on ventilator and we have not made an attempt to take her off it”.

Dr Sunil Jain of Safdarjung hospital said the injuries sustained the gang rape victim are extremely rare in his career. “I have not seen such a complicate case in my career so far”.

The doctors said two surgeries have been performed on the girl. “We had to remove her gangrenous small intestine. She has lost most of her intestine.”

They said her platelet count, which has fallen considerably, is a major cause of concern for them. “She still continues to be critical”.

The 23-year old girl, who is a medical student, was gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi on Sunday evening by six persons including driver of the bus. She and her male friend were later beaten with iron rods and thrown out of the bus in a semi-naked condition.

Four people including driver of the bus have been arrested. Two other accused are absconding and police have launched a massive manhunt to track them down and bring them to justice. The accused have been identified as Ram Singh (driver of the vehicle), his brother Mukesh, Vinay Sharma, an assistant gym instructor, and Pawan Gupta, a fruit seller.

This should not happen to any girl: Victim’s father

The Indian parliament’s Speaker Meira Kumar told a TV channel NDTV that she met the parents of the victim girl in hospital. “They told me that they are very poor, and often eat salt and bread because they cannot afford much else.  They told me they sold a small field they owned to pay for their daughter’s dream of becoming a doctor,” she said.

Kumar further said victim’s father told her that they want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to any other girl.”

“ I don’t have words to describe how much I admire them for the inner strength that they have,” she said.

People demand swift trial, harsh punishment

The gang-rape and torture of a 23-year-old girl has shocked people in India. People of different sections of society have taken out rallies and marches in different parts of India  including Delhi to demand swift trial in the case. Majority of people in India are demanding harsh punishment to the rapists so that it can prove deterrent and stop further crimes against women.

People have also demanded more police patrolling on the streets during evening hours. Some people have demanded that the rapists be publicly hanged so that such incidents don’t recur in future.

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Faiz Ahmad / NationalTurk India News


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  1. All the rapists should undergo the same suffering the victim suffered. All six should die inch by inch in an open space front of the public, it may take few days for them to die but that should be the way and in future the others should fear to rape any women (young & old) I hope and pray that the India Govt. will taken action soon. God Bless Her SOUL.

  2. I don’t have specific words to describe which type of punishment these people must go through. it is not safe for girls to roam around at night because they can be harmed anytime, anywhere with anyone. So girls just take care. A good country should be like Singapore where girls can roam day & night and no harm can be caused to them because the country has strict laws and swift justice is made. Late justice is denied justice. I hope justice is done asap and the all government around the world ensure that they safeguard the rights of their citizens. I also hope that this girl come out from the trauma and may god give her the courage to live again.

  3. All the rapists should be immedietly hanged to death. The rape crime rate is higher in our country. hence the punishment should be severe that every man should fear to do such a crime. there are so many rape victims all around the country who never dared to bring it to light.

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