Indian gang-rape victim has significant brain injury, extremely critical: Docs

Indian Gang rape victim undergoing treatment in Mount Elizabeth hospital, Singapore
Indian Gang rape victim undergoing treatment in Mount Elizabeth hospital, Singapore

The doctors have said 23-year-old-Indian girl, who was raped in a moving bus in Indian capital, has significant brain injury and her condition is extremely critical.

New Delhi, Dec 28/Nationalturk – In what cannot be a good news for the Indian gang rape victim, the doctors treating her in Singapore hospital have said she has significant brain injury and is extremely critical.

The 23-year-old Indian girl, who was gang-raped in a  moving bus on December 16, was flown to Singapore’s  Mount Elizabeth Hospital yesterday. She has been admitted in Intensive Care Unit of the hospital in a very critical condition.

Earlier, she was undergoing treatment for a week in Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi. She underwent three surgeries in Safdarjung Hospital. The doctors also removed major part of her intestines which had become gangrenous. After her condition worsened, the doctors decided to airlift her to Singapore for specialized treatment.

“The medical investigations on her in the hospital have showed that besides her prior cardiac arrest, she also has infection in lungs and abdomen. The patient also has a significant brain injury,” Dr Kelvin Loh, the CEO of Mount Elizabeth Hospital was quoted as having said by Signapore newspaper, Straits Times

Victim is struggling against the odds

He said the victim is currently struggling against the odds. “She is fighting for her life”.

Kelvin said the patient continues to remain in an extremely critical condition.

He said a multi-disciplinary team of specialists has been working tirelessly to treat her since her arrival yesterday. “The doctors are doing everything possible to stabilise her condition over the next few days”.

The 23-year-old girl was gang raped in a moving bus in Indian capital (New Delhi) on December 16 by six persons. Later, she and her male friend were beaten with iron rods and dumped on a road in a semi-naked condition. All the six accused have been arrested.

The gangrape of 23 year-old girl has outraged India. There have been protests and demonstrations across India since December 16, when the incident took place. Massive protests have taken places in Indian capital, New Delhi during past one week with protestors demanding stern punishment including awarding of death penalty to the rapists. A police constable trying to control the crowd died in hospital on Tuesday.


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Faiz Ahmad / NationalTurk India News


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