Indian gang-rape victim’s condition worsens

Girl students protesting in India against gang rape of a female student. File Pic
Girl students protesting in India against gang rape of a female student. File Pic

The doctors have said 23-year-old female student, who was gang raped in a moving bus by six persons on Sunday in Indian capital, has worsened as her platelet count has gone down.

New Delhi, Dec 21/Nationalturk – According to doctors, the condition of 23-year-old female student, who was gang raped in a moving bus in Indian capital and is undergoing treatment at Safdarjung hospital Delhi, has worsened.

The doctors attending on the gang rape victim in Safdarjung hospital, Delhi said blood infection is still spreading. “The platelet count of the victim has gone down, leading to worsening of her condition”.

The victim has lost most of her intestine. “The doctors performed an elective abdominal surgery on her. They removed her gangrenous small intestine.”

The doctors said chances of her survival depend on her body’s ability to fight off the infection in her blood and stomach.

The rape victim has been on and off ventilator for over 70 hours now. The doctors have lauded her spirit and termed her the brave girl.

“The girl is communicating with her mother, brothers and doctors through writing. She asked whether her tormentors had been caught,” sources said.

Dr Sunil Jain of Safdarjung hospital has  said the injuries sustained the gang rape victim are extremely rare in his career. “I have not seen such a complicate case in my career so far”.

Meanwhile, police have detained another accused in the gang rape case from Badaun area in Indian State of Uttar Pradesh.  Policemen are conducting raids in different cities of India to trace the sixth accused, who has been absconding.

The 23-year old girl, who is a medical student, was gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi on Sunday evening by six persons including driver of the bus. She and her male friend were later beaten with iron rods and thrown out of the bus in a semi-naked condition.  Five accused have been arrested so far and the sixth is absconding.

Protest rallies continue

The brutality of the gang-rape has shook India. People from cross section of society have been taking out rallies to demand harsh punishment to the rapists.

Hundreds of protestors including men and men and carrying placards and banners marched towards Indian president’s official residence in Indian capital today. They were demanding justice to the victim, who is fighting for life in Safdarjung Hospital.  Police and security men had placed barricades on the roads to prevent them from reaching President’s official residence.

According to media reports, a girl managed to go near President’s official residence but was escorted back.

After being denied permission to march towards President’s official residence, the protestors marched towards historic India Gate in New Delhi amidst chanting of slogans like “We want Justice”, “We want safe Delhi for women” and “Give Harsh Punishment to Rapists”.

There were also reports of protests against the gang rape in different parts of India.

Majority of people in India are demanding harsh punishment to the rapists so that it can prove deterrent and stop further crimes against women. People are demanding harsh punishment to the rapists and more police patrolling on streets during evening hours. Some people are also demanding that the rapists be publicly hanged so that such incidents don’t recur in future.

27 men accused of raping women contested elections in 5 yrs

According to a study conducted by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), about 27 men accused of raping women have contested elections in India in last five years.

The report stated that parties like the Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) gave tickets to candidates with charges of rape and other atrocities against women in different states of India.

It stated that two sitting MPs and six sitting legislators in different states were fielded by their parties despite cases of crimes against women pending against them,

The report stated that political parties had also given tickets to 260 men who were charged with other crimes against women, including molestation.

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Faiz Ahmad / NationalTurk India News


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