Indian TV channel’s poll predicts 211 seats for rightwing BJP in general elections

General elections in India from next month.
General elections in India from next month.

In what could not be a bad news for ruling Congress in India, an opinion poll by a TV new channel has predicted that rightwing Hindu party BJP will win 211 seats in general elections.

New Delhi, March 15/Nationalturk – The opinion poll conducted by Indian TV news channel Zee News has predicted that rightwing Hindu party BJP will win 211 seats in general elections scheduled to be held in nine-phase from next month.

As per the survey conducted by Zee News through TALEEM research foundation, BJP is projected to get 37.9 percent of vote share in India. “The ruling Congress is far behind and expected to get 20.3 percentage of vote share.”

About the seats to be won by both the parties, the poll predicted that BJP may get between 202 to 211 seats, Congress 107-111. “The Third Front and the regional parties may garner between 83-115 seats.”

‘BJP getting highest seats from Central Índia’

According the opinion poll, BJP was shown to get lowest votes in South region (20.0 percent) and highest in Central region (51.3 percent), where it is currently running government in several states.

The survey predicts that Congress can get 18-21 seats in North India, 20-23 in Central India, 12-15 in East, 27-31 in West and 26-30 in South.

The opinion poll predicted that BJP’s alliance partners can get 15-20 seat sand allies of Congress 13-10 seats.

It predicted that 89-101 seats would be won by the parties and members, who have not yet decided whether to support BJP or Congress.

The opinion poll predicted that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which was formed last year, seemed to have gained ground in almost all states of India especially in North region comprising Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and Uttarakhand.

“About 2.9 percent voters would vote for AAP in the forthcoming parliamentary,” the survey predicted.

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