Jamie Foxx is still in hospital

Jamie Foxx was suddenly taken to a hospital because of "medical complications". A health update is anything but rosy.

In the middle of last week, Hollywood star Jamie Foxx was surprisingly taken to a hospital.

“Fortunately, with quick action and good care, he’s already on the mend,” says a text message shared by his daughter Corinne Foxx with her 500,000 fans. Although, according to the young actress, the 55-year-old should now be better again, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the health of the Oscar winner.

According to the US broadcaster CNN, Foxx is said to be staying in a hospital in the US state of Georgia and being under medical observation there. “They are running tests and are still trying to figure out exactly what happened,” said an unnamed source. It is therefore not possible to predict how long the Hollywood star will continue to be under medical treatment.

Jamie Foxx posed for the camera with Cameron Diaz
Foxx was in Georgia for the upcoming Netflix action movie Back in Action. Director Seth Gordon’s streaming film is set to mark the comeback in acting of former superstar Cameron Diaz. The 50-year-old was last seen on the big screen in 2014 in “Annie”. Diaz also starred in the comedy alongside her “Back in Action” co-star Foxx.

According to People magazine, filming on the Netflix film was initially suspended for a day after Foxx’s hospitalization, but is said to have resumed in the meantime. According to “TMZ”, the sick main actor still has eight days of shooting to complete. However, an immediate return of the star in front of the camera currently seems impossible.

Jamie Foxx: He has to remain in the hospital

This is how Hollywood star Jamie Foxx is doing after a medical emergency

Actor Jamie Foxx was admitted to a Georgia clinic last week. It is not yet clear when he will be able to return to the set.

In the middle of last week, worrying news surrounding Hollywood star Jamie Foxx made the rounds. The 55-year-old, who is currently supposed to be in front of the camera for his new film “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz, suffered a medical emergency.

Still in the clinic

The actor had to be hospitalized immediately. Little was known about the condition of the family man. His daughter Corinne shared a brief statement from the family regarding the incident on her Instagram profile. It is still unclear what exactly happened.

Although Foxx is said to be on the mend, he is still in a Georgia clinic, according to a report by People magazine. The Oscar winner will continue to be examined and cared for by the doctors there. He also had to undergo a series of tests to find the cause of his health problems.

Let’s hope Jamie Foxx gets better soon and can get back on set. As “People” reports, some scenes with the actor have been postponed indefinitely. Others were filmed using a double.

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