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Julia Ituma’s mother: I can’t believe she committed suicide

Elizabeth Ituma, mother of Italian volleyball player Ituma, who was found dead in front of the hotel she was staying in Istanbul Üsküdar, said she did not believe the suicide allegations, saying, "My daughter was very strong."

Elizabeth Ituma, the mother of 18-year-old Italian volleyball player Julia Ituma, who came to Istanbul for the Eczacıbaşı Dynavit match, spoke to the Italian press after her daughter was found dead in front of the hotel where she was staying in Üsküdar yesterday (April 13). Elizabeth Ituma stated that she did not believe the suicide allegations.

According to the news of Övgü Pınar from BBC Turkish, mother Ituma, who came to Turkey after the news of her death, said in a statement to La Repubblica newspaper after the allegation that her daughter might have committed suicide was reflected in the press, “My daughter was so strong, I can’t believe she wanted to jump out the window.”

Police Examine Julia Ituma’s Phone

RaiNews24, the news channel of the Italian public broadcaster Rai, also stated in its news this morning, “The Turkish media is talking about the suicide thesis, but the official cause of death has not been determined yet”. Rai added that an autopsy is expected on Ituma. Il Messaggero newspaper also wrote in its news about the incident that “it could be a conscious choice or it could be an accident”.

According to the news in the Italian press, after the Eczacıbaşı Dynavit match on Wednesday, April 13, the players of Igor Gorgonzola Novara returned to the hotel after going to dinner. According to the hotel’s video footage, Julia Ituma was alone in the hallway between 10:30 and 23:50. Meanwhile, it was stated that he had a mobile phone in his hand and that the police were investigating the phone.

He Last Talked To His Mother and Friend

According to La Repubblica, Ituma called his mother at around 10 PM and said, “Mom, we’re lost. I scored 2 points but the team was terrible,” she said. The newspaper wrote that Ituma made one of his last phone calls with a friend from high school. “They fought the way young people do,” the report said. Was it valentines? Unknown, but they had a long and heavy discussion. So much so that the boy then sent messages to Lucia (room and teammate) to make sure Julia was calm.

Spanish actress Lucia Varela explained that they talked until 1:30 after Ituma came to the room at night. Varela said she slept later and didn’t notice anything, and when she called the reception in the morning, she learned that her roommate had died.

Julia Ituma’s family came to Istanbul

The family of 19-year-old volleyball player Julia Ituma of Italy’s Igor Gorgonzola Novara volleyball team, who was found dead in front of the hotel in Üsküdar, came to Istanbul.

Receiving the sad news, Ituma’s mother Elizabeth Udeokereke and her aunt Helen Udeokereke arrived in Istanbul at around 19.15 on the Turkish Airlines flight 1896 to Milan.

It was seen that the mother and aunt, who were greeted by the İGA Pass officers at Istanbul Airport, were quite upset. Ituma’s family left the airport after passport processing. National volleyball player Ebrar Karakurt also wore the uniform of Igor Gorgonzola Novara’s Nigerian-born Italian citizen Julia Ituma died after falling from the 6th floor of the hotel he was staying in. Ituma’s body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death.


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