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Lost city found in Dardanelles, Turkey : Older than Troy

Lost city found in Turkey: It is older than Troy
Lost city found in Turkey: It is older than Troy

A group of scientists and archeologists from Canakkale (Dardanelles) University have found traces of a lost city, older than famed Troy, now buried under the waters of  Dardanelles strait.

Led by associate professor Rüstem Aslan, the archeology team made a surface survey in the vicinity of Erenkoy, Canakkale on the shore. The team has found ceramics and pottery, what led them to ponder a mound could be nearby. A research on The found pottery showed that the items belonged to an 7000 years old ancient city. The team has intensified the research and discovered first signs of the lost city under the waters of Dardanalles Strait.

Lost city found in Turkey: It is older than Troy

The lost city lies in the sea floor in the Aegean entrance of the strait on the shores of Europen side. The professor told”the pottery indicates the city is from around 5000 BC. We believe the civilizations on the shores of Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits had been buried under water. This latest mound discovered is also 90% under water and gives significant hints on the sea levels then.”

The latest discovery of the ancient city is as important as the funda in the ongoing digs in the Marmaray Project in Istanbul, the historians and scientists state.


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