Major tragedy averted in Afghanistan, 7800 kgs truck bomb defused

A file pic of bomb blast in Afghanistan.
A file pic of bomb blast in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan security forces averted a major tragedy by timely detection of 7800 kgs truck bomb in Eastern outskirts of capital.

Kabul, March 15/Nationalturk: The major tragedy was averted in Afghanistan by the timely detection of truck bomb in which 7800 kilogrammes of explosives were planted.

“The 7800 kgs truck bomb was discovered on Wednesday, two days after US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel left Kabul by Afghan security forces. The explosives were hidden in cement bags in the truck on the eastern outskirts of Kabul,”  said Shafiqullah Tahiri, spokesman of Afghanistan’s spy agency, National Directorate of Security (NDS).

He said the truck also contained sodium chloride, ammonium nitrate, other chemicals and besides some diesel.

Truck bomb could have destroyed area around 1.5 km radius

“The truck bomb in which 7800 kgs of explosives were planted could have destroyed an area around 1.5 km (in radius).  Had the bomb went off, it could have brought catastrophe for people living in the area,” Tahiri said adding the attack had been planned by the Pakistan-based Haqqani network and the Taliban leadership.

He claimed that two Haqqani operatives were arrested during the raid. “The militants had been planning to target a military facility in the capital with the truck bomb,” he said adding several foreign and Afghan military bases are present in Kabul, housing thousands of soldiers.

He said five suspected plotters were also killed in the exchange of fire.

The Haqqani network is widely regarded as the most dangerous militant group in Afghanistan by US and international forces operating in the strife-torn country.

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Faiz Ahmad / NationalTurk Afghanistan News


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