Majority of people in Pakistan fear extremism, dislike Taliban

Majority of people in Islamic republic of Pakistan fear extremism and see the Taliban unfavourably, a research has revealed.

Islamabad, July 2/Nationalturk – According to a survey released by US think-tank Pew Research Centre, Washington, majority of people in Pakistan fear extremism and see the Taliban unfavourably.

According to the survey, which was conducted in spring 2014,  76 per cent people see religious extremism as threat to their country. “Only 24 per cent people do not see extremism as a serious threat”.

When asked whether suicide bombing can be justified against civilian targets, 83 per cent people in Pakistan said big no. Eleven per cent offered no opinion.

The study by Pew Research further reveals that 60 per cent people in Pakistan sees country’s dreaded terrorist group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) unfavourably.

“Only 8 per cent have a favourable view of this extremist organisation, which has been involved in hundreds of killing of civilians and security men in Pakistan,” it further said.

Pakistan military launched operation in North Waziristan on June 15

Pakistan military on June 15 this year last massive operation against local and foreign militants in country’s North Waziristan tribal agency, where most of the militant groups and terrorists were based and planning their attacks.

According to Pakistan military, about 400 terrorists and 19 security men have been killed in the operation in North Waziristan so far. The military had largely used jet fighters and helicopter gunships to pound militant positions and safe havens.

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