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After the disappearance of flight MH370 there again vague hope: Experts investigate an underwater sound that was recorded off the coast of Australia. It could be an indication of where the Boeing is the Malaysia Airlines plunged into the water.

Three months ago, that a Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines vanished without a trace on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Now, scientists from an underwater sound that was recorded off the coast of Australia.

Underwater monitors have reported a weak signal at about the time when flight MH370 allegedly disappeared in the Indian Ocean, off Perth , said Alec Duncan from Curtin University in Perth . This could indicate that the machine crashed with 239 people on board into the water.

We assume that the crash of a large aircraft into the ocean produces ” intense underwater sounds .” Now the records of all underwater monitors along the coast would be analyzed subsequently . However, the calculated origin of the noise lies not in the previous search area in the Indian Ocean , the report said . The signal can also be of natural origin, for example, come from a Quake.

It was not until the end of May had been set in the southern Indian Ocean to MH370 search. A special unit of the U.S. Navy in early April had received alleged black box signals , but no debris , it had been found in the approximately 850 -square-mile search area west of the Australian coast .

Still the whereabouts of the aircraft is completely unclear . There are always new hypotheses and reports on the fate of flight MH370 . So declared the 41 – year-old British sailor Katherine T., who was traveling with her husband on the Indian Ocean towards Phuket, they ‘ve seen from the deck something that ” looked like an out- aircraft fire .”

The machine was towed black smoke behind. Nearby she saw two more aircraft in the night sky , she said the ” Phuket Gazette ” . The couple has sent its own account a report to the Australian authority to coordinate the search operation in the Indian Ocean, the Joint Agency Coordination Center ( JACC ) .

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