Medibank hack: Patient information published

After a hacker attack on Australia's largest health insurer, patient data has appeared on the dark web. / Medibank hack

Medibank hack: After a hacker attack on Australia’s largest health insurer, patient data has appeared on the dark web. The criminals released information about abortions and drug addiction treatments.

Hackers have siphoned off health data from millions of Australian health insurance customers and have now published parts of it on the dark web. Private information about abortions or patient data about treatments such as HIV and drug addiction ended up in the hidden area of ​​the Internet.

Medibank hack: Hackers demand 6.2 million euros

The hackers are blackmailing the affected health insurance company, Medibank. According to their own statements, they demand 9.7 million Australian dollars (around 6.2 million euros). The insurance company has so far refused to pay a ransom for the return of the stolen data.

Medibank boss David Koczkar condemned the publication of the data by the hackers as “disgraceful”. Weaponizing people’s private information to extort money is fraudulent and an attack on the most vulnerable members of society.

Blackmailers want to publish new data every day

Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil said targeting women who have had abortions is morally reprehensible. As the minister responsible, but also as a woman, she wanted to say to those affected that this should not have happened, she added. The blackmailers threaten to publish new data every day if their demands are not met.

Medibank is Australia’s largest private health insurer with around 9.7 million customers. Politicians and celebrities are also likely to be affected by the data theft. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he was a Medibank customer himself. The hacker attack must be a “wake-up call” for Australian companies.

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