Netflix Turkey has hiked subscription fees! Netflix Turkey Prices

Continuing to compete with rival services such as Disney and Amazon Prime, Netflix has hiked its subscription prices in Turkey. / Netflix Turkey Prices

Netflix, one of the most popular video streaming platforms by 2023, has been in the Turkish market for a long time. Netflix Turkey Prices

Gaining a considerable audience in this process, the platform also continues to compete with rival services such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime around the world. Finally, it was learned that Netflix Turkey increased its subscription fees.

Netflix Turkey raises subscription fees

Netflix Turkey, closing the year 2022 with two hikes, announced that with the arrival of 2023, it made a hike in subscription fees once again. Of course, this hike decision isn’t just for Netflix. Because last month, Disney+ announced that it has increased its subscription fees.

Basic Plan: 63.99 TL per month
Standard Plan: 97.99 TL per month
Special Plan: 130.99 TL per month

Netflix Turkey subscription fees hike again

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