North Korea imposes lockdown in Pyongyang

A lockdown is said to have been imposed in Pyongyang.

The reason for this is apparently a “respiratory disease in the population of the North Korean capital.

According to a media report, the authorities in the North Korean capital Pyongyang have imposed a five-day lockdown.

The city’s residents will have to remain in their homes until the end of Sunday and undergo temperature checks several times a day, Seoul-based news website NK News reported on Wednesday, citing a government notice. According to the report, more and more cases of a “respiratory disease” have occurred in the past few days.

It is unclear whether curfews are also in place in other areas of the country. According to the report, Kim Jong Un is currently mobilizing tens of thousands of civilians and soldiers to practice for outdoor propaganda demonstrations as part of a large military parade on February 8.

It is uncertain whether these preparations will be suspended. The isolated country confirmed the first corona outbreak in May last year and declared in August that it had fought the virus.

Post-Covid-19, North Korea faces unidentified gastrointestinal “epidemic”

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