Putin’s alleged mother (97) died in poverty

There is a persistent rumor about the origins of the Russian dictator: Vladimir Putin (70) is actually the illegitimate child of a Russian woman and lived the first years of his childhood in Georgia.

Now his alleged mother Vera Putina has died in poverty at the age of 97.

Vera Putina from the village of Metekhi in the ex-Soviet state of Georgia had claimed for decades that Vladimir Putin was her son, whom she gave birth to after an affair with a married man. Sources in Georgia confirmed to The Sun newspaper that Vera Putina died of “old age” in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and was buried in her hometown Metekhi on Tuesday.

The woman was born on September 6, 1926 in the village of Metekhi near the small town of Ochor in the Urals, where she also went to school. During further training, the trained agricultural machinery mechanic fell in love with the married Priwalow Platon and became pregnant. According to Putina, she gave birth to Vladimir Putin out of wedlock on October 7, 1950 – exactly two years before his official birthday.

The child’s first years were marked by dislike and neglect by his stepfather. “He often threatened that he would throw ‘the bastard’ out of his house,” Vera Putina told The Sun in one of her most recent interviews. When he was ten years old, she sent the boy to her grandparents.

“My dream is not to die without Vova [Note. i.e. Red.: Vova is Vladimir’s pet form] sees me and speaks to me at least once,” Vera Putina said in the “Sun” interview. “I often see him in my dreams, but he doesn’t want to talk to me. Both in life and in dreams he is angry about what I have done, he cannot forgive me.”

The Kremlin despot has never publicly commented on Vera Putina’s claims. His autobiography states that he was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He describes Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and Maria Ivanovna Putina as his parents. Both died shortly before Putin was appointed president.

Vera Putina is dead: Alleged Putin mother (97) died of old age

Little is known about Vladimir Putin’s private life. Even little is known about his family. A few years ago, a Georgian woman caused a stir when she claimed to be Putin’s real mother. Now Vera Putina has died.

Georgian Vera Putina was convinced: she is Vladimir Putin’s mother. Through the media, she shared her incredible story, which contradicts the Kremlin boss’s official accounts of his family. Now the alleged Putin mother has died of old age at the age of 97.

Vera Putina is dead: Alleged mother of Vladimir Putin died of old age

The British tabloid “The Sun” reports exclusively on the death of Vera Putina. As unspecified sources from Georgia have confirmed to the newspaper, the woman was buried this week in her hometown Metekhi near Tbilisi. Vera Putina claimed that she gave birth to today’s Kremlin despot after an affair with a married Russian man on October 7, 1950. Before her death, she told The Sun that Putin lived in her village from the age of two and a half to ten. He went through a traumatic childhood. He was mistreated and neglected by his stepfather, the Georgian Giorgi Osepahvili. This ultimately turned him into a cold-hearted, introverted and sometimes aggressive boy. Among other things, he is said to have shot the neighbors’ chickens with a slingshot. “Nevertheless, he hated bullying and never had serious arguments with his classmates, but always tried to be a good friend.”

Vladimir Putin is said to have moved from Georgia to grandparents in Russia when he was 10 years old

At the age of ten, Putin finally returned to his grandparents in Russia. Vera previously fled there after a dispute with her husband, but eventually returned to her husband in Georgia. In recordings of the private Georgian broadcaster Rustawi, published by “Zeit” in 2015, she also spoke of her husband’s fears of having to support Putin financially. For 60 years she then had no contact with her alleged son. Her Russian father was angry that she had married a Georgian. Even after his death, other family members didn’t want to tell her where Putin was, she told the Sun. According to other media reports, Vera Putina claimed that the grandparents gave the current head of the Kremlin to childless foster parents – the people he later identified as his biological mother and biological father.

Is Maria Ivanovna Shelomova the Kremlin boss’s biological mother?

Vladimir Putin was officially born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. Factory workers Maria Ivanovna Shelomova and Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin are known as his birth parents. Although most of the information about his private life comes from the Russian President himself and there are doubts about some accounts, Vera Putina was never able to provide clear evidence of her story. However, she often expressed love for her alleged son. “My dream is not to die without Vova [Vera’s nickname for Putin, editor’s note] seeing me and speaking to me at least once,” she told the Sun before her death. “I often see him in my dreams, but he doesn’t want to talk to me. Both in life and in dreams, he’s angry about what I’ve done, he can’t forgive me.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said of Vera Putina’s account: “The story isn’t true. It doesn’t correspond to reality at all.”

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