Restaurants, cafes in Greece open May 25

The Greek government decided to have restaurants and cafes open for business on May 25, following the approval of the Health Ministry’s Infectious Diseases Committee.

The opening of the particular businesses comes one week earlier than the originally scheduled June 1 date.

Details and safety regulations against the coronavirus spread were presented by Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Nikos Papathanassis on Sunday.

In restaurants and cafes, one customer per 2 sq.m. (21.5 sq.ft) will be allowed.

Minimum distance between tables will be 0.7 m. – 1.7 m. (2.3 ft – 5.58 ft), depending on the table arrangement.

No more than six persons per table will be allowed. This does not apply to large families with underage children.

Masks are mandatory for staff who come to contact with customers, while masks are recommendedl for customers.


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