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Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing: The latest signal comes not from MH370 Blackbox / Breaking News


Setback in the search for flight MH370: The last received signal originates, according to police not from the black box of the machine. From a breakthrough could be no question. Australia’s Prime Minister still widespread confidence.

The hope soon to find the black box of the missing flight MH370 is vanished. The signals received on Thursday in the Indian Ocean came not after a first analysis of the black box of the Boeing, Angus Houston told, coordinator of the search operation. Search go further. The ship “Ocean Shield” and aircraft tried to absorb new acoustic signals.

About the use of remote-controlled submarine to locate the wreck decide according to Houston experts on board the “Ocean Shield”. This could take some days. “Based on the information available to me, there is no breakthrough in the search for MH370,” he said.

Time was short, nothing should remain unturned, as long as the batteries of the black box still worked. The radio transmitters are designed for about 30 days to send signals. This period would already expired earlier this week. However, it is also possible for up to six weeks, signals are sent.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing:Search area of 1300 square kilometers

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott had recently still optimistic expressed on a visit to China in front of reporters that the signals from the machine came . “We are confident that we can narrow down the location of the black box to a few kilometers accurate. , But the conviction to know the approximate position of the black box that is not the same as to salvage the wreckage of nearly four kilometers depth or to determine exactly what is on the take flight , “he said.

In recent days, several signals were received. The search area on the sea floor is currently about 1300 square kilometers. This is a big step forward compared to the hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, which had previously been searched. But a further restriction would facilitate the work of the task forces very – and for that they need new signals.

The ” Ocean Shield ” pulls a device in the water behind them that can receive the ” pings ” the black box. The Diving Robot Bluefin 21, also on board , could also be used , but would require six times longer than the Pinger Locator to scan an equally large area. For the current search field of diving robot would need six to eight weeks.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing:Diving Robot is looking specifically for black box and wreckage

Its use therefore appears only useful if the exact source of the pings would be found – then Bluefin 21 could hold specifically for black box and wreckage out. Houston said the decision on the use of the diving robot could take a few more days.

The area is searched for in the driving by on the water wreckage lies about 2,300 kilometers northwest of Perth and is almost 47,000 square kilometers. Up to 15 aircraft and 13 ships were involved in the search on Friday.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 people on board disappeared on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. The machine turned to the south and even flew for several hours without air safety authorities have had contact with her. The records of data and voice recorder in the black box could shed light on why the plane deviated from its course.

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