Simone Thomalla and the new man at her side

Since March of this year it has been clear: Simone Thomalla is looking for a new partner. Has this been found now? At a public event, everything looks like it.

Simone Thomalla is single. Or? Until recently, this was considered a certainty, after all, the TV star had publicly separated on March 10, 2023. Her partner at the time, the DJ Nicolino Hermano, was history again after about a year. They remain friends, they said. Neither a fling nor a row should have been the reason for the separation: there was simply no spark between the two.

“She wants to be happy in her life. In this regard, she has become uncompromising in her life,” said Thomalla’s manager and friend Brigitte Maydt in an interview with “Bunte” at the end of March. The tenor clear: Simone Thomalla does not want to stay alone for long and nothing stands in the way of a flirt.

“I am open for everything”

Has it now become public? As reported by “Bild”, Thomalla held hands with a man at the summer festival of “Ein Herz für Kinder”. It is about the 46-year-old entrepreneur Jan-Christoph Wagner. He runs the agency JCW Marketing, which claims to look after “well-known artists, actors, athletes and designers”.

The newspaper has pictures of the two: Wagner and Thomalla look familiar. When asked about the joint appearance, Simone Thomalla explains: “We’re pretty much the best of friends.” What exactly is meant by that is not clear. Wagner, on the other hand, says: “Simone is a very good friend, but there has always been a certain tension between us.”

Sounds more like friendship plus, right? The agency operator puts it this way: “Now that she’s single and so am I, we see each other often. We talk on the phone every day, have a good time together and see where the journey goes.” Thomalla himself doesn’t go any further into this, but the Lord swears by a promising future, in which he declares at the end: “I’m open to everything.”

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