Snow chaos in London

Snow and ice spread chaos in and around London

Snow chaos in London: After Stansted and Gatwick airports had to close on Monday night, several flights were canceled in the morning and others were delayed. There were long traffic jams on the main roads.

Cold and snow wreaked havoc in and around London on Monday morning. Stansted and Gatwick airports had to close overnight to clear snow from the runways. Several morning flights were canceled as a result, others were delayed. The low-cost airline Ryanair was particularly affected. According to the BBC, 50 flights at London’s main airport, Heathrow, were canceled on Sunday due to freezing fog.

Snow and black ice also caused long traffic jams on the main roads around the British capital in the morning. The night before, many drivers were stuck in their vehicles for hours in the snow, ice and fog. There were also cancellations and delays in rail services, and traffic was also severely disrupted on some lines of the London Underground.

Great Britain has been suffering from a cold snap for a few days, with temperatures sometimes falling to minus ten degrees. Due to fog, snow and frost, the weather agency issued a yellow alert in some regions, particularly in the south-east, south-west and north of Scotland.

In Solihull, west England, four children broke through while playing on a frozen lake and fell into the freezing water. According to the rescue workers, they could be rescued, but all four had suffered a cardiac arrest. They were taken to two hospitals in the city of Birmingham, but their condition was life-threatening.


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