Sri Lanka arrests Joseph Stalin

Sri Lankan protest leader Joseph Stalin was arrested on Wednesday.

He is said to have held a demonstration in May despite the ban. / Sri Lanka arrests Joseph Stalin

In Sri Lanka, Joseph Stalin, leader of the protests against former Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaska, has been arrested, Singapore newspaper The Straits Times reported. Joseph Stalin, secretary of the Sri Lankan Teachers Union, was arrested for holding a demonstration in May despite a court ban, police say.

Numerous other demonstrators are already in custody in connection with the protests. The protests against the island state’s economic crisis reached their climax on July 9 with the storming of the palace of former President Rajapaska. He fled the country and later resigned. The palace was occupied for around ten days before being returned to the authorities.

His successor Ranil Wickremesinghe had announced tough action against all troublemakers. Last week, another union activist was arrested for removing two of the palace’s official flags and using them as bed sheets and a sarong.

Recently arrested union leader Joseph Stalin’s name commemorates former Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin. The dictator Stalin established a totalitarian dictatorship during his reign. He had political opponents arrested and sentenced to forced labor or executed. Several million people also died in prison camps during Stalin’s dictatorship.

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