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The black box of the missing aircraft MH370 is silent. Now to look at the seabed wreckage after an unmanned submarine. What can the device, how big is the chance of success?

The unmanned submarine Bluefin – 21 is to scour the seabed in the Indian Ocean to the remains of the missing aircraft MH370 . The five -meter-long device in the form of an oversized cigar should come to his initial bet plus on Monday , the coordinator of the search center , Angus Houston said in Perth on Australia’s west coast.

The sea is claimed Houston’s information there probably 4500 feet deep and the bottom mountainous. Bluefin -21 can scan around 40 square kilometers of seabed in a 24 – hour mission . The search through the entire north-west of Perth area could therefore take at least 50 days.
Bluefin -21 needs two hours to dive and can work at least 16 hours continuously . The battery-powered yellow submarine weighs about 750 kg and is traveling at a speed of about eight miles an hour . It is equipped with so-called side scan sonar that scans the seabed by means of sound waves.

After surfacing, the collected data should be downloaded and used as the basis for a three-dimensional map of the seabed. Experts differ on the pictures not only forms the soil, but also metal of sand and stone. Unusual formations such wreckage should be appreciated , hope the experts.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing:”I warn against exaggerated hopes”


It takes four hours , to download the data collected and recharge or replace the batteries . A camera on board of Bluefin -21 also makes underwater shooting .

However, Houston dampened expectations that the elucidation of the mystery surrounding the mysterious random flight of Malaysia Airlines MH370 is imminent so : ” I warn against exaggerated hopes that the use of the underwater vehicle to locate the wreck leads ,” he said. ” I repeat : This is a slow and tedious process. ”

The wreck could be lost in undersea mountain gorges deep in mud . The search is similar to that for a sunken in the high mountain snow skier who is far gone astray and been missing for five weeks.

Devices such as the Bluefin -21 are normally used in archaeological studies under water – mine detection , and land acquisition for the planning of offshore projects and search operations .

The Helmholtz Centre in Kiel has a similar U- boat, ” Abyss “, which can dive deeper. It was in the search for the wreck of the 2009 crashed in the Atlantic Ocean Air France plane in use . The Germans have also offered to help the Australians , the coordination center in Perth but it has not yet taken advantage of.

The British Navy had the beginning of April the manned submarine ” HMS Tireless ” sent to the region to support the search. And there came also currently not used. Bluefin -21 is the only underwater vehicle that is now looking for MH370 , Houston said.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing:What does the oil film?

He hinted that the search for floating on the water surface wreckage could be set soon. “The chances to find something else, have been significantly reduced. It would be appropriate that Australia and its partners are thinking how to proceed in the course of the week,” he said.

The search for signals from the flight data recorder – the so-called “pings” – by ship will set it. The batteries in the black box of the Boeing 777 from Malaysia Airlines should now be empty.

They also have a oil gauge on the water was identified on Sunday evening but. A ship discovered, according to Houston an oil film in the search area around 2200 kilometers northwest of Perth. It takes several days to analyze whether the oil came from the machine.

The film of oil had been sighted, according to Houston in the area where sensors last week four fielded radio signals that could have come from the black box of the aircraft. Houston described the signals as “most promising track”. Because the signals of the crash is now believed that in approximately 40 by 50 kilometer area in which the U-boat Bluefin-21 is to be used.

The machine of Malaysia Airlines with 239 people on board disappeared on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. Satellite signals suggest that there are still hours flew towards the south and crashed in the Indian Ocean.

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