Suspicious Accidents in South Korea!: Before Ferry now subway collide , is North Korea doing sabotage ?


In the South Korean capital Seoul two subways collided. According to official sources in the collision about 170 people were injured, after the Sewol ferry accident that was very suspicious !

During the collision of two subway trains in Seoul Dozens of people have been injured, according to rescue workers. So far there are about 170 minor injuries, said a spokesman for the rescue workers in the South Korean capital. 32 people were taken to a nearby hospital, no one suffered serious injuries.

A train was apparently driven onto a stationary train, told the national news agency Yonhap. This was probably due to mechanical problems have to keep at the station Sangwangsimni in the east of Seoul.

The television station YTN According to a subway car was damaged in the crash. Passengers were running along the tracks to the stations, it said. Many inmates have been injured when they were jumped by the collision of the cars on the tracks, said a representative of the rescue workers. A loudspeaker announcement should have asked the passengers to remain in orbit. However, this was apparently ignored by most passengers.

Consecutive aroused doubt these two accidents, North Korean spies behind these accidents are likely to be sabotages.

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