Texas demands $85 million from VW and Audi

The VW group has already paid more than $20 billion in fines in the United States for the diesel scandal.

But there are still lawsuits open – like that of the state of Texas. Apparently there was an agreement there.

German automaker Volkswagen and its subsidiary Audi have apparently agreed to pay $85 million in damages to the state of Texas over the diesel fraud scandal. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement that the companies have agreed to the agreement in principle.

“If a company thinks it can evade responsibility for breaking Texan laws, endangering Texans and polluting our environment, they’re dead wrong. Volkswagen and Audi found this out the hard way, and now they’re paying the price.” , according to Paxton.

VW has so far declined to comment

Earlier this month, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the state’s environmental lawsuit against Volkswagen and Audi can proceed. Volkswagen has so far declined to comment on the case.

The company had previously settled the US lawsuits triggered by the emissions scandal for more than $20 billion. However, as courts have ruled, that does not protect VW from continuing to be held accountable by local and state authorities. Of the 480,000 vehicles affected by diesel manipulation across the US, around 32,000 have been sold in Texas.


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